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    Top bar hive - comb going wrong way

    Guys, some great advice and thoughts throughout. I will be waiting for spring now and atke action to protect them over winter. I like the idea of connecting the top bars with a couple of perpendicular bars screwed into the top bars. I think the battle plan will be to raise the TBH above a new...
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    Top bar hive - comb going wrong way

    I have 2 TBH and although I put some wax to learn teh bees which way i wanted them to build their combs they took no notice of my directions and now the combs have ended up at 90 degrees to where i put in my request. I am going to lose the 2 TBH (plywood is cheap but aint good) but wont buy new...
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    Bad Day Beekeeping

    When you say the fire was extinguished ........ is this on your mate's car which was alight or the vehicle that had to be moved because of nesting?
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    Hives on garage roof

    One thing I forgot to mention is they wont suffer from ground frost at all being that much higher. In terms of carrying the supers down which I did yesterday on a normal ladder, I just put the step ladder next to it and passed it on to that then took it from there. its just not a problem for the...
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    TBH newish swarm. Polystyrene as a filler?

    It came from Th***es (why does everyone put asterisks?) and I paid about 70 nicker and it took about 2 weeks to turn up!
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    TBH newish swarm. Polystyrene as a filler?

    Thanks guys. I didnt know about a follower board, there wasnt one with it when it came but it makes perfect obvious sense. I knew there must have been an easy answer so i ll make one out of some old OSB 18mm thick
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    TBH newish swarm. Polystyrene as a filler?

    Hi guys, I thought I d give a TBH a go and managed to get a small swarm 3 weeks ago and then went on holiday. Got back Saturday and was intrigued to see how they got on and they have 5 combs started with the first one halfway across but going right down to the bottom. My conundrum is there are...
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    Hives on garage roof

    I m new so take my advice bearing that in mind. I have 2 hives on top of my conservatory (6 inch bearers 2 foot apart) and got 3 supers on the pair of them in my first year with no signs of anything going wrong. I intend to put another 3 on teh garage roof (8 inch bearers 2 foot apart) next year...
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    honey labels

    At last! Somewhere where I may be able to add some value to a discussion. I havent got a clue about regs, weight, pure, distilled or postal addresses and I havent even had a yield yet HOWEVER I do brew my own beer and wine and create labels (well to be fair my youngest daughter gets abused for...
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    Nuc wanted in Surrey/ Hants

    Hi i also live 20 mins south of Guildford (Down the A3) at headley and have a couple of hives that require some bees. I have one source who is definitely going to sort me out but know of a couple of others. Let me know and maybe we can learn/make mistakes together Jon