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    Oman beekeeping

    Resurrecting an old thread, we were in Oman in Feb/Mar '16, talking to local suppliers, mostly around Bahla and Jebal Shams... Concur with everyone else - the Omanis are special people - completely different to the UAE - just lovely. I'm now based in Dubai and have had to put my bees into the...
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    Most suppliers I've spoken to have a MOQ around the GBP 500 mark - also, I don't think anyone else in my group does the manufacture/repair bit... SL Hardwoods in South London have some, but quite pricey and a bit of a trek... very helpful though...
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    Being tight, I like to keep my kit going by repairing it as much as possible. I'm mainly on Commercial (with the odd National) brood boxes and a mix of Hoffman & castellated supers... Some of my boxes are getting a bit tatty (the odd woodpecker hasn't helped) and some of my queen excluders are a...