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    incubator temerature

    hi all I've "acquired" an incubator from my father - unfortunately its ancient and the thermostat is stuck at 37 degrees C. Is this too hot for QCs to cope with? I've a batch of plump QCs ready to emerge on Wed/ Thurs this week from a hive which i performed a demaree on recently, so I'm hoping...
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    Bee friendly clematis?

    Hi all i'm looking to buy a bee friendly late/autumn flowering clematis to climb and cover a garden trellis - can anyone recommend a suitable variety please? it would be on a south facing wall with sun pretty much all day (if we ever get any that is). many thanks.
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    14x12 nuc

    hi I have two 14x12 overwintered 5 frame nucs for sale, with summer 2012 marked queens, £175 each. Bees are very docile and placid, local mongrels with a lot of Welsh black in the strain. please pm for more details or if interested. thanks
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    queen cells - swarms

    Second inspection of the season last Saturday, and in one of my standard nationals, there was brood over 5 frames - plus the start of a few queen cells on the bottom of 2 frames, but no eggs laid in them. These are probably play cells i would imagine but the warning signs are there. I've read a...
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    Nucs for sale, south wales

    hi. I hope to have several nucs for sale in May, which will be on 5 BS standard national frames. Queens are derivative (i believe) of Welsh/ British black bee - predominantly very dark, and good temprement. £150 each. PM me for details. many thanks.
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    14x12 nucs for sale

    nucs for sale headed with 2012 marked queen (dark local mongrel, very calm and docile bees), on five 14x12 frames with brood and eggs on at least 3 frames. £150 each. pm for details if interested. thanks.
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    clearing honey without warming cabinet?

    hi, can anyone advise as to the best way to clear the miniscule bubbles out of honey once put through a fine filter? I havent got a warming cabinet - but i have a very warm loft! should i leave the sealed bucket of honey there and allow the warmth - and patience - to clear before skimming off...
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    how to encourage capping in supers

    in order to encourage full supers to be capped, is it best to place new, empty supers under or above the full one which you want capped? just about got a full super and have put an empty super with equal split of drawn frames/new foundation above it, but i got to wondering which is the best way...
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    introducing queen - no fondant

    i have a newly mated queen in a mating nuc and a Q- 5 frame nuc. unfortunately i have no fondant at present. if i put her in an introduction cage and tape the entrance for a day, then remove the tape, with this be sufficient to allow her pheremones to pass through the colony and (hopefully)...
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    Emerging queens in airing cupboards?

    Hi i'm sure i've read somewhere that its possible to take a sealed QC and place it in a matchbox or small jar, kept warm in an airing cupboard or similar, and then the Q may hatch successfully - is this the case? provided its kept warm and suspended or wrapped in a vertical position, is there...
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    Table saw

    Hi all i'm thinking of investing in a Ryobi ETS1825 254mm (10") Folding Table Saw - has anyone got one/ had experience of one? many thanks!
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    2012 Nucs for sale, Swansea, South Wales

    hi. I hope to have several nucs for sale in May, which will be on 5 BS standard national frames. Queens are derivative (i believe) of Welsh/ British black bee - very dark and good temprement. PM me for details. many thanks.
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    Wax moth in frames- still ok to use?

    After extraction last year i placed the dry frames into storage in the shed. When checking them recently i noticed a few frames had what looked like tunnelling through the drawn foundation leaving track marks accross them. I havent spotted any moths or larvae, but assume the markings are due to...
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    Recommendations for table saw

    Hi all i've made a few national ply nucs and also wooden open mesh floors last autumn, and used my father's ancient table saw to do the cuts, but it's now given up the ghost. Has anyone got any recommendations for a decent table saw, make model, price and supplier please? i've a modest budget...
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    How soon to make increase?

    I've a couple of standard national BBS overwintered, with 4 frames of brood at various stages in each. I split a few hives last year by AS to prevent swarming, but this year i want to split into nucs and encourage the Q- hives to produce new queens. what's the consensus about the right time to...
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    Happy Bunny

    14 degrees here yesterday so quickly opened up two 14x12 hives; plenty of active bees, eggs and sealed brood on either side of 3 frames in each hive, plenty of stores & honey, plus spotted both Q's. Very reassuring sight!
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    I know from previous threads that recomendation is not to open up hives if its not warm enough for the beek to be in shirt-sleeves, but can anyone give a rough indication as to what degree C should be the minimum please? i'm guessin in reality this would be around end of March/ early April...
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    Omf query

    Please excuse my ignorance, but when overwintering with OMF, am i right in saying that the inspection board below the mesh should be removed to allow for ventilation? cheers
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    Wasps - a pain in the ####

    Hi can anyone advise approx what time of the year wasp numbers start to decline? my guess is that it should be around now as the weather starts to get cooler, however there's no noticable decrease in numbers where i live! i've a smalish colony which i've started feeding, redued the opening with...