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    Help needed by a newbie.

    Thanks for the advice guys. I did wonder about the temperature, which is why I asked. I'll hold off on the weed killer and strim them down instead. They really are a major problem. I'm aware of nettles being the food source for the caterpillar of the Small Tortoiseshell butterfly (and others)...
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    Help needed by a newbie.

    Hi again everyone, Here is my first question. As mentioned in my intro thread, I'm new to bee keeping and have only had my hives for a couple of weeks. I live on an old farm and my bees are located in the front garden. Over the top of the house and in another courtyard we have a nettle...
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    Geordie on board.

    Hi everyone, I just finished a ten week bee keeping course and now have two hives to look after. Kind of scary for a newbie!!! Anyway, I guess I'll have a ton of questions to ask so you'll be hearing from me.