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    A Mess!

    I have been helping a beekeeper more novice than myself. He was given a wooden National hive with a small swarm resident and only five frames in total. He put the hive on the roof of a shed where access was difficult and involved a ladder. I asked him to fill the void with frames but he didn’t...
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    Bakers’ fondant

    Does bakers fondant contain ingredients which may harm bees, such as preservatives, vegetable oils etc?
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    Bees in school

    I have been asked to make equipment for beekeeping at a local primary/junior school. I have read the BBKA recommendations for beekeeping in schools and for several reasons I don't think our schools could manage bees in National Hives. I think they could have a Warre hive within the enclosure...
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    Box for bait hives.

    I have bees in Warre hives with and without frames and British National hives. I sometimes collect swarms in nearby bait hives which are of the usual construction with eight frames. I understand that Warre hives are a better approximation of the size and shape of the cavity chosen by wild bees...