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    Capped queen cells no eggs

    It appears that the Beekeeping taliban enjoy this patronising demolition of new beekeepers and time would be spent more constructively giving helpful advice!
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    Demaree info please

    I had the same problem with the top brood box filling up with stores so rotated the boxes so the bees would hopefully shift everything upstairs! No one mentions about whether the supers should be empty or in the process of being filled? I am sure someone can clarify!
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    Queen Cell Hatched but new queen cells

    Check out Barnsley Beekeepers Association at Hope this link is useful and good luck!
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    Apidea basics

    Is it necessary to evict drones before placing b/b bees into the apidea?
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    Few foraging opportunities

    I am also wondering about feeding pollen patties as there is very little pollen left in the stores and the queens have begun in earnest to lay.
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    The Barefoot Beekeeper & not using smoke?

    I agree. So why do all the beekeeping books insist on choking the bees with smoke. New Forest pony dung if you have to use your smoker. Organic grass and no odour! Very cool smoke.
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    Some light fingered swine

    Sorry to hear about your stolen hives. Unfortunately a sign of the times!
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    Swarm prevention thoughts

    Went to his lecture last year at Stoneleigh and found it fascinating! Check out Scotish Beekeepers as he has a yearly diary