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    Mated queen needed

    Some helpful advice OK, off to chat to my neighbours who we share the hive with and decide what to do. Thank for the advice
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    Mated queen needed

    We had not seen the queen on 1 inspection and the bees had been very aggressive for about 2-3 weeks, we spoke to our local bee supplies about the bees behaviour (following us away from the hive and stinging when our suits were off!!) they said it may be they are without a queen, so we did a...
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    Mated queen needed

    We only have one hive and it is queenless, we are based in west sussex. Does anyone have a mated unclipped queen we could buy?
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    Over bought mated Buckfast queens - who needs?

    We are queenless! We have only have one hive and have just discovered it is now without a queen, we are in west sussex near Pulborough so not too far form you, if you still have your excess of queens then we would have one and could collect on Sunday morning if thats good?