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    OAV Poly Nucs

    Has anyone had any ideas on how to oxalic vapour a Paynes Poly Nuc box?
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    Super cheap cedar nationals

    A well know American Company who is now in the UK is going to be selling nationals just got the newsletter BS National Standard Cedar Super £12.00 Standard Cedar Brood Box £16.98
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    Why is the National Beehive popular in the UK?

    Having had a few days off it got me thinking why the National beehive is so popular in the UK? When Langstroth hives are bigger you get a lot more room in them more bees = more honey, Less swarming due to bees running out of space so quickly. 75% or the worlds beekeepers use Langstroth are they...
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    Honey jar label template

    Found this free template for honey jars. you can fully edit all the details