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    Notts Area 3 x Nucs or just Frames with bees ( Wanted )

    Hi Looking to purchase either 3 reasonably priced Nucs or we dont really need the nuc but frames of bees .I am happy to travel a bit ( when we can ) to pick these up and pop them into our national brood boxes . Will be going on to some land in a forest near farmers fields that someone...
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    1 Acre of Forest

    Hi , We are in an interesting position , mother in law has sadly passed away and left a small amount of money and we are about to buy or looking to buy a small area of forest say 1 Acre . Its right at the side of open farmland and crops , we were thinking of putting 3 hives at least in...
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    Wax moth invasion

    Hi Would like advice on how to go about clearing up the mess which is all my fault and a huge lesson learned !! . Caught quite a big swarm this summer popped it into a brood and a half and while at like a complete fool I stuck on 2 supers above the QE with DRAWN comb ( big mistake ) . 3...
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    Rape Honey when bottled

    I know its got a very nice taste supposedly but has honey that comes from rape got a tendency to crystalize in the jar very quick as well . Sounds like im asking a daft question really as it must do like it does in the hive. But any major differences to mixed flower honey ???
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    SWARM keep in Nuc or in Hive ?

    Hi Caught quite a decent sized swarm last night and its in a 5 frame nuc box , 1 frame taken with honey .Its quite big for the box but o.k . I have put it on top of an empty hive that I want to move it into that has used brood comb in ( ALL HEALTHY ) . Would you now leave them for a...
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    Advice for winter

    We have a strong national hive doing well. Good weather here at moment and bees very busy bringing in the good stuff. One national BB with a mixture of eggs,larvae,honey stores on frames. 2 supers above nearly full off honey most are capped. What should we do now having had some summer honey...
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    Bees Wax....honey removal ????

    A daft question and I cant find an answer I have looked ( prob not very well ) .How do you get rid of the little bit of honey that comes along with the wax if you want to do something with the wax please.
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    First Extract - please advise

    Hi. We have one hive bought in June time they have expaneded well and have nearly filled one super and they are drawing out a 2nd.Plenty of new bees and everything rosy. Here is the slight problem,i bought an extractor ( manual 2 frame ) stainless steel.I took off 5 frames of the super...
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    Extractor available to rent anyone ?

    Anyone in the Mansfield ng199df area got an extractor we can rent ( 1 hive only ) .I will buy one soon but with one hive only wouldn't mind renting one for a day at the moment. Feel free to move this post wasn't sure where to post and in what section.:sorry:
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    Any Beekeeper in Mansfield ng199df help needed

    Hi, I wouldn't mind having another bee keeper who lives local near to Mansfield woodhouse pop round and check my wifes hive over please for a 2nd opinion. They were sold to us as black bees but I think there local mongrels and im pretty sure there queenless I cant see brood,eggs or the...
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    To Carry on feeding or not

    Hi Please don't flame me or have ago as we are inexperienced we have a new set of bees that we got on 5 frames at start of summer.They have swarmed a few times nad I have asked what type they are before as there a lot darker than the norm buckfast queen. With the weather having chucked it...
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    Breed of Bee

    Is this a European Bee or a british black bee or even some sort of cross between the two ( hybrid ) Thanks
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    Nuc Wanted - Mansfield Nottinghamshire

    ASAP please Going on allotment area in National Hive. Plz contact Thx
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    Bad Advice or Not.

    Well here is a sad story and please don't flame me with go and attend your local society,we are very busy people and will try but we are learnig and we thought we had a good teacher but now we begin to wonder. Here is the tale of woe. We bought a plywood hive that had been weather treated no...