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    Queen reared with deformed wing virus

    There is an increase in drop after every treatment. Compared to a non treated cell builder the acceptance is higher and queen seem to be slightly larger and there is more royal jelly in the cells. Next season i will be weighing newly emerged Queens.
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    Queen reared with deformed wing virus

    I treat my cell builders around 3 times during the season with OV. I run the same cell builders all season introducing emerging brood frames every week. So introducing mites with those frames. So the only cells mites can use for there breeding cycle are the Queen cells not perfect for the...
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    Repeat Oxalic vaporising - but with honey on the hive?

    If you want to OV during the season the simple solution would be to just take off your honey supers Vape and them a couple of hours later put them back on. Problem solved. More beekeepers should do this if you think about it everyone treats for Varroa at the end of the year when most of the...
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    Laying workers

    Look in on this forum now and again and still the same old people ripping on people instead of give helpful advice at least Tom is constructive with his help.
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    Clive de Bruyn.

    i think this is were the confusion first started with Clive Watson. Kent association Bromley Beekeepers passed away in his sleep on the 1st of July he also had family from Kenya
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    has anynbody started Qrearing yet?

    I may have to wait a bit before i start this was us on Saturday morning
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    Flow Hive - more info

    All look very nice in the ideal world but !! look at the video do you see bees flying while the jars are being filled? NO Do you see other beehives in the area? NO In the real world the jars would be absolutely covered in robbing bees wasp and anything else that fancied dipping in. The...
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    Plastic Foundation

    I have found plastic foundation to be very good! You have to prime the sheets as Michael said with a good amount of wax first. Do not mix the foundation in a hive or things get very messy. I tried the complete plastic frames they were a waste of money but wood frames with plastic foundation has...
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    Drones in February

    I only advise selfing as a short term solution. It gets you over the period when there are no other queens available to keep the hive viable and not a total loss. But when there is no other option i have found this works very well and on a nice warm March day i have managed to do this in under...
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    Drones in February

    If you know anyone near you that can do II and you do have a DLQ you could get them to inseminate the queen with the seamen from her own drones. As long as they are mature
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    OAV Poly Nucs

    Trickle is not an option as i think it`s far too harsh on the bees There must be away im using a Varrox.I was thinking maybe some way via the mesh floor
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    OAV Poly Nucs

    Has anyone had any ideas on how to oxalic vapour a Paynes Poly Nuc box?
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    Maisie's poly nucs

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    Wax melting

    Makes excellent fire lighters
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    What exactly is the law about stolen bees?

    We had a case last year when someone stole queens from mating nucs they just took the queen no frames and caused no damage and were also filmed on CCTV. According to the police If they had damaged or taken a single frame game on. But as the law stands with bees being insects and no legal claim...
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    Super cheap cedar nationals

    Have Thornes got any plans for price matching?
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    Queen Castles

    queen castles are for getting new Queens mated not making nucs they have been developed for using one box for 4 queens at the same time. But the problem with them is when you get more than 3 pheromones the queen losses are unacceptable. I would advise the OP to drop the idea of castles as they...
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    Queen Castles

    Easy to make if you have no tools. If the OP is on 14x12. Buy a poly or wood 14x12 brood box a sheet of corrugated plastic cut you plastic to make dividers and fix in place using silicon bathroom sealer. drill holes to match sections. Use a piece of ply as a floor Make sure that when the floor...
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    Home made mating Nucs

    Anybody have the recipe for this magic snake oil Caspian solution
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    Running Mike Palmer's system on Nationals

    The clips keep them nice and tight and helps to lessen thermal loss als adds to stability there not the cheapest using 4 per hive. I have 75 of these now and they work well. If your not taking brood from them you can add a QE and pop a shallow on top for honey. But at the end you need to make...