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    Pollen block

    have been out checking the nucs over the last week or so done around 600 so far. and i have never seen so much pollen in the frames in some cases there is so much its blocking the queen from laying as i have never seen this before on such a large scale looking for ideas to clear the pollen and...
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    Starving Hives

    Just to make people aware there is still a chance some hives can still starve the good weather in the last few weeks has led to a rapid build up of bees now in some areas EG: up here In scotland the weather has made a turn backwards. so there are a lot more mouths to feed and the bees are unable...
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    Honey Room

    Im buikding a new honey room this winter 16ft x 10ft I only want to spend once on this project so i need to get it right the first time It will have to cope with between 100 to 200 hives worth of honey any tips on what sort of equiptment to invest in Budget will be up to 5k but change would be nice
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    Scottish Honey Wanted

    Hi looking to buy aroung 100 kg or so of scottish honey im based near dumfries happy to travel 50 miles or so please PM me
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    Wax Foundation Machine

    Last year i know some one was selling a foundation machine on another site B4B i know it did not sell on there it was around £20,000 if anyone knows who was selling it or anyone selling one or any other info let me know
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    Wealds Farm

    Wealds farm seems to have stopped selling there web site is still running but they now have no items for sale
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    queen Ejected from Hive

    A beekeeper called me this morning regarding a queen that was outside the hive on the floor on her own he picked her up and popped her back inside were the other bees seemed happy to see her. I have only ever heard this once before but dont have a clue why anyone have any thoughts? mike
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    How Long would a queen survive

    If some one released a queen from a travel cage not in to a hive but just desided to sent her free how long would she survive on her own?
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    Would you belive it!!!

    While sitting having my lunch today i looked out of the window and the scottish version of the RSPCA van pulled up outside. I thought maybe there on the cadge collecting money or something. I thought there not here for the dog i treat him like a son ( sad I know) There not here for the ducks or...
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    Poly Hives & Nucs

    Hi I have decided to go completly poly this year have bought 50 national nucs and in the process of buying a hundred or so queen rearing nucs from MBK and when they get the national hives around the same number of those. the one thing i did not think of until a few minutes ago was when...
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    Poly Nucs

    hi has anyone had there orders from weald farm yet? Told late feb now march have emailed them and phoned them a number of times for an update but nothing but silence!
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    Buying Queens & Bees

    What is the main factor when buying Queen & Bees
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    looking for Native Dark Queen Bee

    Hi im looking to source a few Native Dark Queen that have been mated to beed from is there anyone on the forum that has a pure strain or know of anyone that can sell them Mike
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    Native Dark Queen Bee

    Hi im looking to source a few Native Dark Queen that have been mated to beed from is there anyone on the forum that has a pure strain or know of anyone that can sell them Mike
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    bees wanted best prices paid

    hi im looking to buy nucs and full colonys im based near dumfries but travel to leeds and scarborough on a regular basis so i can collect anywere on route east west north or south yourkshire or liverpool manchester way willing to pay good prices so please let me know. Happy 2011 Mike
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    Beginers Bee Keeping Course Scotland

    Absolute Beginners Course we are now running courses Every Saturday & Sunday May 1st onwards Please PM Me ( Please Note You will need your own Bee Suit ) This Course Is designed for the absolute beginners those who know nothing and most likely don't have bees or have just got there bees and...
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    Pale Lemon Colour Honey

    Hi just extracted a super of honey. I put the super on as a last minute thing just to give the bees some extra room the 1st week of september and they filled it The honey is a very very pale lemon colour but i was just wondering what they made it from? any ideas welcome mike
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    Looking For a book by laidlaw

    Can anyone help ive been looking for Instrumental Insemination of Honey Bee Queens by Harry Laidlaw Theres only the odd mention of it in all the regular place most are at silly prices and others are in the USA and wont ship to the uk If anyone has a copy to lend or sell Mike
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    Instumentel insemination

    Hi Im looking to get into insemination next year and looking to buy equiptment If any one has any forsale let me know or any advice in to the best kit to buy all and any help welcome Mike
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    full colonies & any Equipment Bought for cash

    Hi If any one has any full colonies or equiptment for sale i have cash waiting im based near dumfries scotland and happy to collect up to 50 or 60 miles email me or Pm can be called any time up to 10:30 at night on 01644 440202