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    Very poor comb drawing

    Thanks everyone for responding. Itma - Yes, using National Broodbox, and I've given feed. I left them for 3 days after hiving (as advised, so they use up their stored food, and so reduce disease transmission). I started with Ambrosia (advised by an experienced local keekeeper) as this can be...
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    Very poor comb drawing

    Laying started approx 5 - 6 days after hiving (around 22/23 July). Size of swarm - hard to say as I did'nt collect it, certainly not the largest but equally not the smallest. I'll post a picture of the hiving. Gaps in crown board - no. Old queen - possible. What do you think about the large...
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    Very poor comb drawing

    Can you anyone help me. I took on a swarm about 4 weeks ago, and hived OK. After having left them for 3 days I provided feed as the weather was so poor and to enourage them to draw comb and bring the Queen into lay (which see did). My concern is that the colony is not expanding at the rate I...