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    Space for hives in Derbyshire

    Hello, My parents have some space for a couple of hives, it is a good area for bees and alongside some organic fields of beans. They are located in Brailsford near Ashbourne. If you are intersted please let me know and I will pass on your details?
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    Feeding with fondant

    I have only been keeping bees for about 5 years and I always put a bag of fondant on at Christmas as a bit of insurance just in case stores are getting low, for the cost it's not worth not doing it.
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    Wasp ipm

    wasps My trick is to use an old jam jar with a couple of holes pierced in lid with a screwdriver, half fill with water and a teaspoon of jam. Hang it up with string and wait for the wasps. Last year I filled 2 jars to the top with flies and wasps.
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    Thanks for the feedback, at the weekend a newish colony who are expanding quickly(bought as a nuc at end of May, already on brood and half and filled 1st super) were a bit grumpy on Sunday afternoon. Yesterday encouraged a colony from inside a tree in a friend's garden into a nuc box and then...
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    What time of day are you doing your inspections?
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    Has anyone found that their bees are more inclined to sting in this hot weather?
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    Hoorah finally !!!!!!!!

    Great news for you. I placed a bait hive on a friends garage roof approx 2 months ago, he had not seen any bees in his garden until wednesday last week when he saw a couple of bees aroung my hive. On Thursday morning the swarm arrived, landing on a nearby fence, garage door and roof, within a...
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    Nuc wanted West Cornwall

    Thanks tazbee, bought an excellent nuc/colony at the weekend from Sputnam. Regards Paul Helston
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    Nuc wanted West Cornwall

    I need 3 posts to reply to your pm
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    Nuc wanted West Cornwall

    Please can you let me have your number
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    Nuc wanted West Cornwall

    I have lost both of my colonies over winter and I am looking for a replacment please.