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    Black Bee, AMM, German Bee

    Does anyone have a mated black queen available for a reasonable price?
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    cell size and varroa

    Just read an interesting article on cell size and varroa control. Anyone have any knowledge of this? I use the word 'knowledge', im not interested in opinions.
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    Pompous men in beekeeping

    What is it about beekeeping that attracts that silly pompous strain of man? You know the type, they have an opinion on everything. They cant see anything past the end of their nose. Beekeeping isnt difficult so if you think your the master of mankind because you keep a few bees then you are...
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    Varroa resistant Russian Bee

    I've looked about for this strain of bee for a while but it doesnt seem like anyone in Britain has them. Does anyone know of anywhere you can obtain Russian Bee's? They have existed alongside the Varroa mite for alot longer than any of our softer strains. Consequently they are about 50% more...
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    First sting of the year

    1/2" from my eyeball!! No face veil. :iamwithstupid:
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    Varroa Sugar Dusters

    Does anyone have any great ideas for speeding up sugar dusting for Varroa? Im fed up using my sugar shaker so I just bought a powder/dust sprayer off ebay: I have no...
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    Nuc wanted in Northants\midlands

    I have an empty hive, does anyone have a nuc ready to go?