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    Drone brood in super

    I have a 14x12 brood box with three shallow supers on top. No queen excluder. All three supers are fairly full and I went to the apiary today planning on clearing the top one in order to return it. Looking through it today I found that two neighbouring shallow frames in the middle of the box...
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    Bailey change few combs

    I have a 14x12 national box for the brood. When I bought my first nucleus late last summer they were on five deep national frames. They over wintered on these five, plus two 14x12s they drew out at the end of the summer, dummied down with a bit of insulation board. Four of the deeps and both...
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    Bees wanted Manchester

    Nucleus wanted in manchester or nearby please. I'd be prepared to travel up to 50 miles to collect them. Please PM me if you have some for sale. Thanks.