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    Hi all I just built me a Langstroth hive as a one off to try the plastic frames for the combs, It's just that I will have to buy the deep brood frames for the brood box, would anybody know how many frames are in the brood box,,cheers,,,kenny
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    Hi, makin fondant, does anybody know what the wee drop of vinegar in the mix is for,,cheers from a guy making door stops and burning sugar Ah'll get it right yet
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    rhododendron bush

    HI all, got a lot of roddy bushes arround and heard that the honey of them is a bit iffy, does anybody know if there's problem and what's the best way to go about it if I shift bees to the area next year,,all the best to you all
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    Hi all, would anybody know where I could get the plastic containers? frames? for the Langstroth hive, they are the type that the bees make a 4oz comb in, and you just pop out the comb when there full of honey and put the lid on it, no cutting just pop it out and put the lid on it,,excellent...
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    white polen

    watch the bees yesterday and saw some of them hauling in white pollen, anybody know where this comes from,,cheers,,kenny