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    No queen

    Just checked one of my hives today found plenty of bees but no brood or stores. Have taken a frame of brood and lave from another hive hoping they will start off a new queen. Does anyone have any advice they can offer . Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Brood and a half or leave well alone

    Looking for some guidance. For the last two or three nights around 7:30 large amount of bees have been collecting on the landing board and fanning (it's still in the 20's + degrees). When I last checked my hive the brood box was full but with space for the queen to lay. Should I go to brood and...
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    Bees ignoring sugar feed

    I have recently bought a fully occupied hive and a Nuc, which I have transferred to another hive- 6 frame. I have given both hives sugar water however the bees from the Nucleus hive are ignoring it, they aren’t interested in the small feeder either. Both hives are very active and I have...
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    Hive setup

    when i get my new bees and i put them into the brude box, do i then put the lid on for a certain amount of time or do i add a super and put then put the lid. im a bit confused as i cant find a guide that is simple. thanks in advance for replies