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    Motorway Swarm

    Just come home from Manchester on the M61 towards Preston. Just passing a row of trees at the side of the motorway I drove through a swarm of bees at 70mph that were flying across the carriageway. Had to use the screen wash to clear the windscreen. Must have killed hundreds. Hopefully I missed...
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    I know that we tend to bang on this time of year to treat our bees for varroa and put mouse guards over the hive entrances but my biggest problem has been leopard slugs. They can squeeze through mouse guards without a problem. I've opened my hives for their first inspection in spring only to...
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    Open Mesh Floors

    I know a lot of people bang on about Open Mesh Floors are the best thing for bees but I thought I'd share this photo to prove that some colonies of bees hate the idea of an OMF. This colony was in and eight frame poly nucleus hive on four full frames of bees and BIAS going into winter and this...
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    Drones flying today

    Checked my hives today to see which ones had come through winter and was surprised to see drones coming and going from the landing board. Swarm season may start a little earlier this year than last possibly?
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    Amount of swarms

    How is everyone doing for collecting swarms this season? Our registered swarm catchers for our association are baffled at only having one call for a honey bee swarm and only one or two calls for bumblebees. I've only had a couple of calls myself for honey bee swarms and about five calls for...
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    BBKA Memberships

    Has everyone received their BBKA membership card and insurance details for 2018/19 Not had a magazine for two months either. Paid up at our associaton beginning of the year.
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    Has anyone encountered hives full of slugs at their first inspections? Some of the three colonies have live bees inside but are not viable as colonies. The greenish three inch long slugs have crawled all over some of the combs.
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    Eaten all the fondant

    I have ten colonies that have overwintered OK. Three full size hives and seven nucleus hives. All poly hives and all have their OMF closed. I don't take of all the honey but leave them what I consider enough for the winter which has been fine for the last few years. As insurance I put about 1lb...
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    Nadiring a super

    Could someone explain the reason why some beekeepers now nadir a full super under the brood box over winter. Is it " Fasionable " or just another complication to baffle and bemuse worried new beeks. If warm air rises within the hive surely the full super above will keep warm and the honey will...
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    Late Swarm

    Just been called out to a swarm that settled in the roof of a house. It was found in a hedge this morning and flew off this afternoon to its new location across the road. 21st August!!! a prime swarm. Will be difficult to remove but I don't think it will survive the winter where it is. I may be...
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    Late Swarm

    Just been up to my apiary to tidy up and do my inspections only to find one large swarm of bees leave my apiary and fly off into the distance. No chance of following them accross the wooded valley.
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    Smoker Fuel

    Over the years I've tried numerous materials for my smoker and most of them have worked fine but some cause a lot of tar build up. This last few weeks I have used pieces of old cotton Tee Shirts and old cotton terry towels in my smoker with excellent results. They have smoldered and smoked for...
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    My bees began bringing in light green pollen yesterday which I presume is from the lime trees as the temperature here in Lancashire reached 18 degrees or there abouts. 20 degrees today and more lime pollen coming in. Does this also indicate that the bees will also be bringing in nectar from the...
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    BBKA Varroa Alert

    Just received an email today from the BBKA warning of the high rates of hives infested with varroa mites and treatments approved and recommended. What should drop through the letterbox today is my new July issue of the BBKA magazine. Second page a full page ad for a varroa recommended/approved...
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    Cheap sugar

    Morrisons have 2kg bags of sugar on offer at the moment at 88p a bag. I've had to resort to feeding captured swarms and my nucleus colonies as they all have been near starvation. Pollen is now much more available this last week but nectar has been poor as it's been so dry. I've checked all the...
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    Weekly Inspections (Why?)

    I've been beekeeping for four years now and have always carried out weekly inspections. Over the past years and listening to a Master Beekeeper it takes a colony at least 24 hours to undo all the messing about inside the hive after we have finished. Has anyone challenged this weekly routine...
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    Our local bee inspector had a word of warning for all beekeepers at our meeting Sunday afternoon. He said that the bees are becoming very active for the time of year and many have broken from their cluster and will require watching as to whether they will need feeding. Also there is evidence...
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    Excellent Speaker at our ELBKA meeting yesterday

    Our club East Lancashire Beekeeping Association had an excellent speaker at our meeting Sunday afternoon. Peter Foley a well known local horticulturist gave a talk on 'Bee Friendly Plants' and recommendations for planting for bees. He was very informative and knowledgeable and the slide...
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    I have just returned from checking my colonies. It's 7 degrees here today and quite windy. Only one colony was out flying but to my surprise I saw a drone land on the landing board and another come out the hive and fly off. Obviously they all weren't kicked out before winter.
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    Vaped hive & low mite drop result

    I vaped all my colonies October last year over 15 days at 5 day intervals and had reasonable drops from all 5 colonies. I vaped my hives Tuesday this week and put bottom boards in afterwards to monitor the varroa drop. I have only seen a drop of about 20 from all the colonies in total when I...