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    have I ordered the wrong frames? I have one langstroth and a couple of national hives. I have just received a shallow langstroth super and what I thought were the correct frames and foundation.. the side bars don’t have a groove in them to slide the foundation in (as on the national frames I’ve...
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    How many first year beeks quit?

    I think I’ve reached the end of the line beekeeping (albeit a short one!). 10 months in and it’s been nothing but frustration and disappointment (and expense!) The colony I bought last June and lovingly nurtured, fed, varroxed, insulated and left CB on for the whole winter had undoubtedly got...
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    Advice on splitting from Langstroth into 14x12 National please

    I took on a neglected Langstroth hive with a small swarm colony last autumn. It is now looking very active and healthy. The Hive is weighty (to the extent that I'm probably not going to add any more fondant - they've taken around 5-6kg of fondant over the winter and I fed 2:1 syrup plentifully...
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    Nectar/sugar syrup question

    I’m just going through my equipment sorting out what I’m going to need for my first spring of beekeeping. I took off a super last winter that the bees had built comb on ( but no honey stores). I’ve just discovered that on a couple of frames there’s some very liquid sugar syrup or nectar. Will...
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    Chinese Vapeaway

    Bought a Varrox copy off eBay for £26 incl P&P. Looks everything like one 5 times the price elsewhere. I used the forum search tool to see if there's been any prior discussion about these copies but couldn't find any discussion about them - has anyone had any experience of using one of these...
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    Feeding back honey

    A few months ago I acquired a hive that needed a bit of TLC. When I took the roof off, a tupperware that had been above the crown board had been filled with comb and honey. I've kept it and now want to return it to the bees. Any recommendation of how best to return it - If I just put it above...
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    Just Joined

    Afternoon All, Just joined - but have been learning loads about beekeeping from this forum already - so thanks to all the contributors that have helped make beekeeping so accessible. PhilN
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    New to Beekeeping quick Nuc question

    Hi, I'm new to beekeeping and have got a quick question. I'm picking up a nuc tomorrow at 9.00am and was wondering how long should I leave them in the spot that the new hive will be in ....does the V Hot weather make a difference? Should I get them into the new Brood box sooner or later...