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    and so the honey crop

    and so the honey crop?:serenade:
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    Judging by what I saw today the bees are about 3 weeks from swarming
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    Arina hive monitors

    Did anybody buy or try the arina hive monitors at the spring con?
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    So I had a hive that swarm with only 2 qc in it I thorth thay were ss cells so I left then I was worng after 34 years of beekeeping and I was helping a newbee:smilielol5::smilielol5:
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    And so it begines
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    warmer weather on mon

    17 to 19 c on mon whatch out for swarms :sifone:
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    The first drones of the year seen flying
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    I was called to pick up a swarm on sep 30 never had one so late
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    EFB near bath
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    looks like i have two swarms in the same hive!!! 1 in the two boxs 1 in the deep roof on the same hive will look tom to see:hurray:
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    Had a nice size swarm fly into one of my hives todaybee-smillie
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    Made up a new nuc by adding bees and a patch of eggs and taking it 4 miles away from place were the bees home to help a beekeeper who bees were trying to swarm
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    Two Prime Swarms

    I pick up two prime swarms on wed one was trying to set up home in a gas meter box and one was in the open
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    hollow legs

    I was called to help with a swarm I had hived last night the bees had got into the hollow leg so we had to drill a hole in said leg and smoked the bees out then fill the legs with sand to stop the bees going into the legs again!!!!!!!! :sifone:
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    pick up a swarm in bath today never had one in april