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    Hard Drive Data Recovery

    google aequitas forensics manchester. They helped me the other week
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    Wanted - Equipment

    Thank you all for such fantastic feedback! I will stay truly away from second hand equipment. Thorne have a fantastic starter kit! £220. Has anyone seen it?
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    Wanted - Equipment

    I thought i would start up a new thread! I want any thing to get me going in the world of bee keeping. Im in kidderminster, happy to buy anything that you don't need or use any more.
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    Hi all

    Thanks all!! Im Duncan, not Ian!
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    I am now thank you.. They are very helpful! Amazing little world this is! everyone seems so friendly!
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    noth west birmingham area

    Pete, Are you still keeping ---s? Or offering a mentorship?
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    Hi all, I am brand new to --- keeping, have read a lot on the internet, in books and watched hours of videos on youtube. I am looking for someone locally to either let me come and watch them, or come and help me at mine. So... Anyone local to kidderminster I would really like to hear from...
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    I am a starter and after a Nuc, I am just outside Kidderminster, so local would be ideal!
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    Nucs for sale - Burton on Trent

    Would you deliver to Kidderminster? Cant PM as have just joined!!
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    Hi all

    Hey all! I am from just outside kidderminster, anyone local to me?