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  1. Pooh Bear

    Treating Varroa now - any suggestions.

    My national has survived the winter, but are heavily infested with varroa. Any suggestions what I could do at this time of the year? I'd like to dust with icing sugar - any suggestions for effective puffing? Thank you.
  2. Pooh Bear

    Beeswax Soap Recipe wanted

    I'd like to make Beeswax Soap - and have had a little look online for recipes. I'm getting confused... can anyone recommend a good recipe/youtube demonstration (preferably not using American measurements/ingredients). Also, I don't know where to go about getting lye but it seems necessary.
  3. Pooh Bear

    Hive inspection recording - template wanted

    I'm thinking of printing 'Hive Record Charts' for the members of our association... so for each inspection of the hive you complete a check-list. Any suggestions of what to include - or perhaps someone has a template?
  4. Pooh Bear

    Irish TopBar Beekeepers wanted.

    I would like to make contact with other Top Bar Beekeepers here in Ireland. I am in the Mourne Mountains and am trying to get a few beekeepers to share ideas... our local association Rostrevor & Warrenpoint Beekeepers' Association are quite open and inclusive to new ideas. It is useful to work...
  5. Pooh Bear

    Green Pollen?

    Hi I'm new to beekeeping and noticed a few greenish looking cells in the outer frames of my brood box today. Not brood or eggs. They seem to be pollen/nectar cells. I wonder if this is mould? Any suggestions? Kind regards
  6. Pooh Bear

    Siting Bait Hive

    Hi I have placed my hive (with lemongrass oil and a few drawn out brood frames) in my garden, but no interest. I am a first time beekeeper. I have not seen any bees in my garden. The field next door has an old apple tree with some bees feeding there. I can place the hive A. directly...