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  1. Deaner666

    Supersedure in August

    Hi all, I went through my big hive yesterday and found four sealed queen cells. They seemed like classic supersedure cells to me - there were only 4, they were in the middle of the frame (2 each on 2 frames) and the hive has three supers on, the top one of which is only half full with honey...
  2. Deaner666

    Was that really the queen?

    Hello all, two posts in as many minutes! Quick question: I'm in my second year of beekeeping and have two hives - one I've had since the beginning of last summer and a hived swarm I caught about 6 weeks ago (see the other thread I just posted!). On inspecting our more established hive last...
  3. Deaner666

    Hived swarm supersedure

    Hi all - just looking for some reassurance / guidance here. I'm in my second year of beekeeping (but the first in which I should get some honey!). Me and my beekeeping buddy (me mum!), caught a swarm in a bait box about 6 weeks ago. On our first inspection after moving them into the apiary...
  4. Deaner666

    Replacing queen excluder in the Spring

    Hello all, I'm pretty new here and new to beekeeping too! I'm just entering my second year with my first colony. As advised by the "In the Apiary" section of the BBKA magazine back at the beginning of winter, I removed the queen excluder from my colonies hive. The reason was to prevent the...