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  1. dutney

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Had the day off work. Delivered my entries to this year's Essex Bee Keepers Association honey show which is at the Essex Country Show at Barleylands again this weekend. Fingers crossed! Then spent most of the afternoon with a film crew who were shooting slow motion footage of bees coming and...
  2. dutney

    National Honey Show

    Just finished preparing my entries - 5 classes including one for cast candles. Someone else is delivering my entries and I have to drop them off tomorrow. I'm going on the Saturday and am signed up for the skep making workshop.
  3. dutney

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Won first prize today in the clear light honey class at the Epping Forest Beekeepers Association honey show. Chuffed to bits!
  4. dutney


    I'm a novice in my 2nd year of beekeeping and don't understand quite what has happened, or what I should have done. This morning I received a call to say the hive I keep at a shared out-apiary had swarmed. When I got there the "swarm" was a cluster of about 500-1000 bees on the outside of the...
  5. dutney

    New beekeeper here :-)

    Me too! I have to borrow my wife's car to carry anything substantial. I ride a Hayabusa every day. My local association chairman rides a Rocket 3. Maybe bees and bikes go together?:confused: Welcome!
  6. dutney

    New London Beekeeper

    Hi, Welcome to the forum. I'm a year ahead of you. I finished my beginner's course in spring last year and got my first nuc' in July 2012. I now have three colonies - two at home and another at my local BKA's apiary. I've been lucky in that everything has gone to plan so far (touch wood!). A...
  7. dutney

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    First artificial swarm Did my first artificial swarm this afternoon. All went well. 2 supers (one nearly full and the other foundation) left on the AS. Fed the colony in the old brood box. Fingers crossed all keeps going to plan.
  8. dutney

    Aspiring East London keeper

    Welcome Bescherman.:welcome:
  9. dutney

    What a great weekend - Hampshire

    Thanks Nick. Lovely! Watched it while eating a sandwich at my desk - back at work today. Sigh...
  10. dutney

    Bee Fayre and Auction in Yalding, Kent.

    Sunday 13th May 2012 Riverdale Field, Benover Road, Yalding, Kent, ME18 6ES Order of the Day 8:00am – 1:00pm Delivery of bees and beekeeping equipment for auction 10:00am Honey Bee Fayre opens to the public 1:30pm Inspection of bees for sale 2:30pm Auction commences 4:30pm Honey Bee Fayre...
  11. dutney

    Rapid or contact feeder

    Thanks Ely. I bought 12.5 kg baker's fondant and divided it into approx half kilo zip-lock sandwich bags. That was a mission on its own! I shared it with another new beekeeper from my local BKA but still have loads left. I was worried it would go to waste.
  12. dutney

    Rapid or contact feeder

    How long will fondant keep for? Should I freeze it?
  13. dutney


    Welcome Lottiebee. I'm a new beekeeper too. After I completed the beginners course the chairman of my local BKA installed a nuke of bees into my brand new hive in June last year. The bees managed to create a very small surplus of honey (3.5 pounds) by September, and I entered 2 jars in our...
  14. dutney

    Hello from Wirral

    Hi Amberlee. Welcome to the forum and well done for doing the beginner's course. Keep going to the local meetings as it's a great way to build up your contacts, and for hearing what's going on in beekeeping and what you ought to be doing in the next month. I've made some really good friends at...
  15. dutney

    All my bees dead

    I'm sorry to hear that too. I checked the fondant on top of the crown board of mine on the weekend to make sure they were still taking it and am just keeping my fingers crossed. This is my first winter as a beekeeper! I only have the one colony, and am hoping to increase this year.
  16. dutney

    Do my bees have Nosema? (photo)

    Thanks for this thread, and the photo. This is my first winter as a beekeeper and I've been worrying about exactly this symptom. The bees have been flying since the weather warmed up over the last few days, and they've made quite a mess. I feared the worse, but your comments have put my mind at...
  17. dutney


    Wow! I don't think I'll be investing in a laboratory any time soon though.
  18. dutney

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    The bees were flying again today. I treated with oxalic acid last weekend, and checked the varroa count on the board today. About 150. More than I expected!