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    bees and pesticides on countryfile

    might be of some interest Adam Henson visits Renishaw Hall stately home in Derbyshire, planting red grapevines in the vineyards, while Tom Heap investigates a link between certain pesticides and a significant decline in bee numbers
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    bees on countryfile tonight

    as per title, can't remember whats going to be shown just remember them being mentioned last week, i bet someone says they're all dying out though
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    bbc 4 now

    jimmy and the wild honey hunters in nepal
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    alaskan honey buckets

    did anyone see ***** abroad on friday night? i certainly wouldn't want one of there honey buckets lol
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    plant identification

    can some one tell me what this plant is, it is in my back yard at home and everything is attracted to it, honey bees, bumbles, flies, wasps and butterfly
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    co-op plan bee

    has anyone else applied to the co op plan bee scheme? i emailed them and yesterday i received 32 packs of wildflower seeds i don't know if this is normal or just because we run a community allotment but i could replant hayf a't town wi this amount of seeds
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    mead made with bakers yeast?

    does anyone make their mead with bakers yeast rather than brewers yeast? if so how much yeast do you use per gallon? thanks for any replies chris
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    Bees on countrywise kitchen

    bees on itv in't next half hour
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    christmas potatoes

    has anyone ever planted potatoes in august to harvest at xmas, i have just bought 10 from ebay they are called carlingford, just wondered how to get the best crop from them. thanks for any replies chris
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    Stung bad today

    Yep stung bad today, not by the bees though an older man i know was outside a local pub while i was talking to a friend and he asked me if my 2 year old daughter was my grand daughter:laughing-smiley-014, wouldn't be so bad but i'm only 27, he was wobblin a bit though
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    best way to build up a cast in a tbh?

    Hi everyone, just wondering if you have any tips on building a cast into a strong colony in a tbh, they took up residence in the hive 3 weeks ago there was 4 old combs of wax in from last year so they had a good start, the queen is laying workers in the space available to her and workers are...
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    Black pollen

    hi guys, i was just wondering if anyone knew if any flowers had black pollen, i came across it last summer in my tbh and no one knew for sure where it had come from. thanks
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    dense poly

    Hi everyone, i have a poly langstroth and i would like to know the best place to buy dense polystyrene so i could make my own supers to add to the hive.
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    scouting my hive

    Hi everyone, i'm new to this site and i have only kept bees for 1 season now, last year i built a top bar hive and baited it with lemon grass oil and in may i had a swarm but the bad winter we had in south yorkshire killed the bees so this year i bought a poly langstroth which i baited on...