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    Wanted - Steele and Brodie cedar nuc hive

    Anyone have a Steele and Brodie cedar Nuc hive for sale please ?
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    Steele and Brodie cedar nuc hives - Wanted

    Anyone looking to sell Steele and Brodie cedar nuc hives please ?
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    Hives wanted

    I have 2 WBC for sale plus extra lifts, feeders, brood and supers boxes. Must collect from north london though
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    WBC Hives for Sale

    How much is each WBC without bees please ?
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    Stainless steel double strainer with adjustable arms

    Yes interested - where r u ? Pls call me 07825 057775 many thanks Adrian
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    Electric extractor wanted

    Looking to purchase an electric extractor - preferably radial, good condition -any sellers please ? Thank you.
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    Hives and equipment for sale in north east englandd

    Yes interested - please can i call you directly or you me on 07825 057775 ?
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    Colonies + Hives For Sale

    hi Ivan Still fir sale ? Best Adrian
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    Colonies + Hives For Sale

    Hi Ivan Are these hives and colonies still for sale ? Many thanks Adrian