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    "Splendid but (perceivedly) unlikely"

    Mr Khan Mr Khan has been a leading light with the Birmingham & District Beekeeping Association for many years and, as has previously been said, walks away with most of the prizes every year. Enjoy your honey knowing that the provenance is 1st class and you're helping a local beekeeper and...
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    Bumble bees?

    Try ispot, great site for identification. Also BWARS a good site for information about bees.
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    Cluster under the hive

    I also had this problem last year, with dying bees around the hive also. It was confirmed as pesticide poisoning, even though I live in an urban area. The bee inspector told me that the colony will often prevent bees from re-entering the hive when they realise that there is a problem.
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    OA treatment revealed some very full hives...

    EXACTLY how did you use your september treatment? ie duration and hive set up? As per the instructions, broke the pieces and placed on top of the frames in the corners, placed a super on top as an eke, with a crownboard and roof on top of that, left on for a week then repeated twice. So had 3...
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    OA treatment revealed some very full hives...

    It's my first year and I treated with Apilife in the beginning of Sept and had a moderate mite drop. I put a board in a few weeks ago and had a drop of 4 a day, so decided to do OA. After 5 days the drop is approx 500! from only 4 seams of bees. I presume I'll need to do some form of management...
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    Hi,Glue for hives

    anyone know if epoxy reson is okay for bees when set? Nic, I've used both Epoxy and PU in many applications for some time. When gluing wood for hives, PU glue is a far better product. Epoxy is pretty nasty stuff before curing, and doesn't like the moisture content of wood.
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    Uniting & Feeding for winter

    I've just started the 3rd lot of treatment. I intend to unite on Friday evening. A friend is in desperate need of a queen so I'll let him have the old queen. Should the Q+ BB be placed on top or below?
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    Uniting & Feeding for winter

    Thanks for that PH. Varroa drop was 75 in 7 days at end of July, put it into the Beebase V. Calc and it recommended treatment. How quickly will they unite, so that I can start to feed?
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    Uniting & Feeding for winter

    Hi, I'm new to beekeeping and am after a bit of advice. I started with a nucleus in April and carried out an AS at the end of May. I didn't re-unite as I was hoping that they were going to build up enough, to take 2 colonies through the winter. I then had a problem with insecticide poisoning...
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    posible hedgerow pete on watch dog??

    Yam Yams "but does anyone here speak, urdo, polish, russian,indian, hungarian. black country, because i dont" Pete, as a local yam yam,:). I find the Urdu, Punjabi and polish a breeze. It's those country bumkins I can't understand.
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    Mystil, I started this year and find Ted Hooper's book to be excellent. It was reprinted last year. Try searching online, both book depository & amazon have it at the moment for a similar price.
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    2010 Nuc prices (bought or sold)

    Bought Nuc Just bought my first Nuc. A 6 frame 14 x 12 for £100
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    Collins beekeepers bible

    Misprint I've also bought this book and found it very informative. However my book has been misprinted, Page 215 is a repeat of page 214! I've only got half the "Using Swarming To Increase Your Colonies" chapter. I presume all the books are the same and they are having to reprint hence the...
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    Bee netting

    Hello, I intend to start beekeeping next year with 2 hives. I'm intending to use a netting fence around the hives to allow schoolchildren to see in. What is the maximum size of mesh that the bees won't fly through? Obviously the smaller the mesh the more difficult to see through and the more...
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    noth west birmingham area

    No Hombre, 2 hives is the number I've ordered and intend to fill with bees. I'm most definitely a NewBee!
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    noth west birmingham area

    Pete, I'm intending to start beekeeping this coming season in Smethwick, any advice and guidance would be most appreciated.