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    Shine a little light on me

    I thought this was an interesting read: https://tinyurl.com/y5feoua2 Open paper from Bristol on bee foraging egress rates. Sorry can't get the link to work other than by tinyurl
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    People who have inspired us

    As an antidote to cabin fever I hope you forgive my indulgence in sharing this: Many years ago as a pre-registration pharmacist in Liverpool together with 20 or so of my graduate colleagues I attended a series of seminars at Fazakerley Hospital. The last seminar before lunch was to be on spinal...
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    Thank you. Best wishes for 2021.

    I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to all essential workers during what has been a pretty tough year. I'm immensely proud of the selfless tireless work that my wife and daughter and their colleagues do front line at our local hospital and I'm grateful for the community spirit shown...
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    Xmas Stockings

    Just heard some bad news from someone on the 'inside'. Would be a very good idea to stock up on long dated bee meds before 31st December that come via the EU.
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    Climate Change EV Threat to Bees

    I have been following developments regarding climate change and pursuit of net zero and I'm troubled and not because I fear the world is warming due to CO2 emissions - I've seen no evidence to support this computer modelled hypothetical apocalypse - but because I fear more the miss guided road...
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    Well I'll be.........

    I always thought Ichneumon wasps such as the one in the picture were harmless. If the one in the picture looks a bit mangled it's because it crawled up inside my daughter's trouser leg whilst she was gardening and stung her! Very painful sting albeit relatively short lived after heat treatment.
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    Smithsonian mag

    Came across this little snippet: https://getpocket.com/explore/item/the-science-behind-honey-s-eternal-shelf-life?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-en-GB
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    Grand solar minimum

    Don't know if any one has a passing interest in heliophysics but there are credible predictions that we are heading for a period of longer colder winters. I know summer is still to be had and winter seems a long way off but with all the challenges facing us it might be prudent to have an eye on...
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    Just wondering what if any contingency planning is being done by local BKAs? Suspect there might be a significant number of hives that might go unattended before we get through to the other side of this epidemic!
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    https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0048969719353938?via%3Dihub So much for data produced by agrochem giants claiming short half lives!
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    Bee symphony in bloom major

    Listened to a wonderful piece on radio 4 yesterday. Apparently some plants can 'hear' honey bees and in response to the sound of bees buzzing produce nectar with a higher sugar content in response to that sound. Researchers tested nectar quality from flowers played recordings of honey bees vs...
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    Bee vet meds

    Anyone know what measures are being/have been taken to ensure continuity of supplies of bee meds and which meds are likely to be affected come 1st November?
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    The Bear and the Bee

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    Heads Up

    Just to say that we are getting reports that lots of wasp nests are still in their hunting phase. That being the case beekeepers need to be vigilant that 'wasp pressure' doesn't appear to have peaked yet and that vulnerable nucs need to be monitored closely.
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    Size matters

    This is an interesting read. Sorry if someone has posted before: https://tinyurl.com/y69f3wg8
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    Traces version 2

    Okay so the first traces thread was moved under the stairs because it became political. Please can we stay on topic. Back to my original concern, i.e. risk to health of honey bees if import controls are relaxed. How much of an issue is it likely to be do we think? Will there be any impact...
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    Does anyone know if a new system has been established to replace TRACES on 1st November regards queen imports from the EU?
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    the Big Wasp Survey

    Migrating the conversation from the 'not much has change here thread': Doing a national survey on wasp populations is a valuable exercise not least because I believe eusocial wasps are a better sentinel species than honeybees - far more sensitive to human made environmental pressures. That...
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    Plastic foundation

    Any one use plastic foundation and if so how good is it? Any insights very much appreciated.
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    Magic mushrooms

    Don't know if anyone posted on this already but this is interesting: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-32194-8