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  1. Apple

    Anyone heard of this Organisation

    The Hive at One Planet Looks like a commission selling site?
  2. Apple

    Gol Piran Lowen

    Gol Piran Lowen
  3. Apple

    Happy St David's Day ?

  4. Apple


    Received a telephone call from Leeds from a man claiming to have purchased a jar of honey which seriously injured his wife Claims that the jar broke as his wife opened it and cut her hand which required urgent surgery and ....... Fortunately Beefarmers speak to each other and we are not the...
  5. Apple

    ETI Multi Function Thermometer

    ETI Multi Function Thermometer on flea buy at £6.50 in RED NOW Usually 3X that price! Max and min with long probe accuracy usually very good.... test in kettle steam! Just a Heads Up!!
  6. Apple

    Tubular heaters

    I have been given a couple of tubular heaters... one 45W other 60 W both 1 foot long.. new in boxes with fixed 3 pin 240V plugs Bought for Father in laws conservatory but never used and now surplus to his requirements since he moved house! One with instructions ( Hyco) says is set to cut out at...
  7. Apple

    G 7 Conference 2021

    I expect a lot of people worldwide will be looking at Google Maps this morning to see where in the British Isles Cornwall is. George Eustice will of course already know where St Ives is located as he has a second home already in Cornwall where he spends a few weeks of the year when he is not...
  8. Apple


    Planning our next seasons massive initiative on queen rearing native black Cornish Amm bees Nobody seems to bee able to confirm if we are going with the EU and not going on an hour to the old BST in March. Not that the bees will notice... just what time SWMBO puts out crib?? Brexit has...
  9. Apple

    Bees with a pedigree 1953

    Following Curli'e's' post about skeps in Germany, this is a British film on II made in 1953 using the Cornish Black Native Bee obviously! Chons da
  10. Apple

    Stumbled upon!

  11. Apple

    Kings new bottler

    wrong Vid! See next post Muer ras
  12. Apple


    Looking at the Black Friday Sale on now at BeeEquipmentLimited They have a 2 hive wood stand for £25 plus delivery, ready assembled in green. Wondering how much the DIY brigade could knock one up for... a couple of lengths of CLS and a few screws plus a couple of BZP bolts would not cost much...
  13. Apple

    Tuesday 6th October at 7.30pm - Norman Carreck - Presentation: “Global pandemics, bee imports and native bees"

    A ballanced viewpoint on where we are today with bee disease and how they are transmitted, local adaptation, and the possible problems that importing diseased bees can have on the endemic population. Topical and up to date. Not sure as how you can watch this webinar on "catchup"... someone will...
  14. Apple

    Queen bee sting ?

    CAN ANYONE POINT ME TOWARDS (peer reviewed) ARTICLES ON QUEEN BEE STING OR VENOM I am aware that virgin queen honey bees can kill other queens with their sting, however I can not find anything related to queen bee stings of humans! I am not up to speed on bee anatomy, and wonder if the mated...
  15. Apple

    National matchstick standard

    Reading my October issue of the BBKA rag there is reference to raising the crownboad of a National beehive using a solid floor with matchsticks to allow for ventilation, the matchstick size is imperative as this prevents the bees from using propolis to stick up the gaps. I have had year 4...
  16. Apple


    http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/28290890 :facts: So come all young men who go a-sailing Pray pay attention to what I say For there's many a dark and a cloudy morning Turns out to be a sunshiny day Copthorne James
  17. Apple

    Darwin Bust in Beeswax?

    Science 14 February 2014: Vol. 343 no. 6172 p. 715 DOI: 10.1126/science.343.6172.715-b News of the Week Random Sample University College London staff and students create busts of Charles Darwin from unconventional materials to celebrate the famed scientist's 205th birthday.
  18. Apple


    Just a quick hello from Bodmin in Cornwall in our new "retirement" home... all seems to be very quiet here and very few if any beekeepers... does it ever stop raining?