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    Creaming Honey

    Hiya all Just a quick one so to speak ! Do i have to seed the honey for creaming or will it still cream regardless if I stir it for long enough ? Thanks as usual Lance
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    Honey Ripener

    Yet another newbee question :p Does a Plastic honey tank do the same job as a stainless steel ripener ? Seems pointless to spend an extra £100 + if they do ? As usual many thanks for answers :)
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    Double Brood for Winter ?

    Currently my main hive is a double brood box hive. Should I> A. Leave it this way for winter ? B. Get it onto one brood box for winter ? C. Split it and make two hives for winter? (currently no queen cells)> D. IF I have to take it to one brood box for winter what would be the best...
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    Swarm Time(s)

    Just a thought :) Is there a particular time of day that bees prefer to swarm ? Ive caught two this year and both have come between 3pm and 5pm, do bees swarm regardless of weather, or as soon as a queen cell is capped or will two queens tolerate each other until better weather during rain etc...
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    White spot on bee faces

    A lot of my bees appear to have a white spot/marking on their faces to varying sizes, any ideas ? All it comes up with on google etc is Carpenter bees which they definetly arent lol Thanks
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    Stored Sugar

    Having fed the bees during the cold wet spell we've had /are having, (and probably over fed with the sugar being a newbee), is there ANY way of telling stored sugar from stored honey ? As usual many thanks for any answers Lance
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    Hi all I have just (attempted), tried to merge two small swarms using the paper between the nukes method, (scrub queen killed and paper held down by qe and pricked, paper that is). My problems is, is that after a day and a half they havent chewed through the paper. Can I remove the paper/qe...
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    Modified Dadants

    Newbeek question :) Out of interest is there a particular reason that more people dont use Modified Dadants ? I would of thought with the larger capacity brood chamber that this would help against swarming and the need for brood and a half or maybe double brood ? Is it because they are heavy...
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    power lines and beehives

    Sorry for the newbeek question :) I would like to move my beehives into a different part of my Garden. This area catches a lot more sunlight time than their current position but has household powerlines going across the area/near the area. Ive heard high voltage lines can cause problems but...