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    Debris on monitor board

    Can anyone identify the grey-white bodies in the picture? I'm asking for a friend.... My guess was chalk brood but maybe they were too big to go through the open mesh floor? Thanks!
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    Swarm relocation

    Thanks in advance for any explanations or advice you may be able to give me! Background: For the last couple of years I have set up a bait hive about 100m from my apiary (sited there because it's the only flat(ish) roof I have at about 15ft above the ground.) I've had two swarms move in...
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    Talk on integrated wasp management by Karol Pazik

    Just back from a fascinating talk, by Karol Pazik to the East Carmarthen Beekeepers Association, on integrated wasp management. As you would expect from his posts on the forum, Karol gave an authoritative and informative talk, relevant to beekeepers, with excellent illustrative video material...
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    Hygienic Queens - A Public Talk by Professor Francis Ratnieks

    Professor Ratnieks, UK's only Professor of Apiculture, is making a rare trip to Wales to give a public talk in the Llangadog Community Centre in Carmarthenshire (between Llandovery and Llandeilo) on Saturday, 14th May, starting at 10am and finishing at 1pm. As well as talking about Sussex...
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    Talks by Professor Francis Ratnieks - May 14th.

    Professor Ratnieks, of the University of Sussex and the UK's only Professor of Apiculture, will make a rare visit to Wales to give two public talks at the Community Centre in Llangadog, Carmarthenshire (between Llandovery and Llandeilo) on Saturday, 14th May, starting at 10am and finishing at...
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    Anybody know what this is?

    I'd be grateful for any help identifying this bug I found in the workshop. Thanks!
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    How to get a swarm to stay in the box

    All advice welcomed on the following: In my third year. This is my fourth swarm. All the others have behaved as expected. The hive swarmed on Saturday. I retrieved them and put them in a new box with foundation. As I had run out of queen excluders (it's been manic here during the fine...
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    Am I being greedy?

    At the last inspection on Sunday my strongest hive (a national) looked like this: super with 9 frames, four new ones now drawn but empty, five old ones filling nicely (albeit with mostly dandelion nectar...); top brood box bees in 11 seams, wall-to-wall brood on 10 frames, two charged queen...
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    Smell of mouldy cheese/dirty socks

    At the last inspection there was an overwhelming stink of smelly cheese and dirty socks (or maybe jocks...) when we lifted the crownboard on one hive. Didn't notice any other abnormalities. The hive seems to be expanding very well. The smell was restricted to this one hive. First time I've...
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    Reducing brood box volume for small colonies in cold weather?

    When I trickled oxalic acid about a week ago a couple of hives were down to three or four seams of bees. I wondered at the time if it might be a good idea to reduce the volume they have to keep warm by taking out some empty frames and putting in a piece of insulation until the first Spring...
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    What kind of bees do I have?

    Just been reading a very interesting thread about the productivity of different strains of bees this season. As a newbee I can't judge because I don't know what kind of bees I have....:rolleyes: I can see that I have some dark bees and some lighter, with one or two tan segments, often with...
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    Is this another doomed hive?

    Newbee in my second season: I've been feeding thymolated 2:1 syrup and treating with Apiguard for the last month. I inspected my hives today, and was relieved to see BIAS in all but one. This one has nine frames of stores, much of it sealed, bees on seven frames but no brood. During the...
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    Plant Identification

    Thanks in advance to all of you who can tell me what this plant is. It's in wet woodland, stands 1.5m + high and is popular with the bees.
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    DLQ not found - what are my options?

    Background: I'm a newbee in my second season, struggling to keep up with the bees.... I'm working on finding queens (only one original marked queen remains, the others are all unmarked) but I've not had much success so far when it matters. I'd welcome any comments on the following: AS on 28th...
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    No eggs, queen not found

    I have a similar problem to Suechick but thought I should start a new thread rather than hijack hers. This is the start of my second season so I'm still very much feeling my way. I checked my hives on 22nd March and couldn't find the 2010 marked queen in one hive. Plenty of bees (7+ frames)...
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    Is this going to spoil my weekend...?

    The temperature was up to 17 degrees today and I couldn't resist the temptation to have a look. All four hives still have good numbers of bees (min. six seams), stores in the combs, space for the queen to lay, varying amounts of brood, both sealed and unsealed. So far, so good, I thought - it...
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    Questions after OA treatment

    I'd be very grateful for any comments on the following: I dribbled (bought...) OA on my hives on Wednesday, temp. about 8 degrees. Some bees on most frames although most were clumped together in the middle. I assume this isn't a textbook cluster, but with no cold weather forecast I decided it...
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    Autumn/Winter feeding

    As a newbee I’ve been lurking on the forum for a while now, picking up lots of nuggets of very useful information, for which many thanks! I feel it’s now time to make my first post. Apologies if I’ve missed the answers to my questions in previous threads. I followed the advice of my mentor and...