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  1. Bad Boy Bee

    Zero mite drop - good or bad?

    I'm going with the happy dance here
  2. Bad Boy Bee

    Poaching sites

    Name and shame! It's the only way this sort of behaviour will be discouraged.
  3. Bad Boy Bee

    Queen Excluders or Queen Containers?

    I agree with Chris - I also observed on my double brood colonies the Queen wholly abandoning the lower brood box and moving into the supers to breed.
  4. Bad Boy Bee

    More firewood available...

    looks like the inside of a wbc -
  5. Bad Boy Bee

    types of smoker fuels used

    No I found it on this website - too much time on my hands at the moment http://www.gbka.f2s.com/news-letters/News_Archives/2005/05-05.htm Cant get the link to copy over
  6. Bad Boy Bee

    To nuc or not to nuc

    me me me !!!
  7. Bad Boy Bee

    types of smoker fuels used

    Tried lots of things to get that perfect cool smoke - going to try puff balls next year - see article What shall I put in my smoker? The Puffball (taken from Curiosities of Beekeeping by L.R.Croft) The Rev. W.C.Cotton (born1814) founded while a student at Oxford, the “Oxford Apiarian...
  8. Bad Boy Bee

    Happy Birthday to us !!!!

    Many happy returns - this forum is a credit to beekeeping - live long and prosper.
  9. Bad Boy Bee

    colony loss

    Sorry for your loss but s**t happens. If you have good records or even a good memory look at every aspect of how you arrived at this point and cross off the good and never forgot the bad, next year you will hopefully have less problems.
  10. Bad Boy Bee

    Does anyone else just

    Watched some late retrievals from the Heather re- orientate themselves to a new home this evening, they were loving it, as was I. I could sit all day and watch them, they just fascinate me. My back garden is used as a nursery with lots of nucs and I sit in it daily watching the collections and...
  11. Bad Boy Bee

    Anyone seen this?

    Is this a joke? Or just spectacularly misinformed.
  12. Bad Boy Bee

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Spent all day Sunday going round my hives battening down the hatches - hope it's enough it's brewing up a s**t storm out there!!
  13. Bad Boy Bee

    Any advice on moving WBC hives?

    borrow a national hive and tranfer them into it - strap, seal and transport.
  14. Bad Boy Bee

    Advice on gloves, please.

    try marigolds or double latex gloving - easier to replace, cheaper and easier to clean
  15. Bad Boy Bee

    advice on moving hives please

    3 weeks should do it
  16. Bad Boy Bee

    found a sad hive next door!!!!

    Welcome to the forum vince 20 and welcome to the real world - you want advice. don't expect it wrapped up in nice paper and a bow.
  17. Bad Boy Bee

    Maybe a problem with the queen?

    Don't do anything rash and give the poor girl a chance she may just be traumatised. Carry on with normal inspections and report back to the forum with an update next week adding more details on the hive, Queen age etc
  18. Bad Boy Bee

    'Stale' Virgin Queen

    A test frame can be used to find out if no Queen is present. A new Queen, drone layer or otherwise will not be replaced.
  19. Bad Boy Bee

    Observation Hives

    Hi Melon Most observation hives I have used are made up with three frames, two brood and a super. After a few years of use I had one made up more to my liking. It is basically a five frame nuc box with a single frame observation glass panel on the top. It is quite a bit more sturdy and can stand...
  20. Bad Boy Bee

    Swarm cells but can't find the Queen

    My last resort for finding shy mag's is to brush off all the bees on to a q excluder and smoke them down on to fresh comb. It's rough but as I say it's a last resort.