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  1. Daithebees

    WBC/National Hybrid Hives

    Has anybody tried making a WBC type outer hive that can accommodate a Nation inner hive? It seems to me that apart from the stacking dismantled hives on an upturned roof platform problem, this combination would benefit from the advantages of both types of hive. Daithebees.
  2. Daithebees

    the Wasp Bamboozler MKII

    Has anybody any personal experience of using the Wasp Bamboozler. I recently saw this device at the Bath and West Show and am interested to know how well it works.
  3. Daithebees

    Langstroth to National Hive Transfer

    I have just acquire a swarm that was housed in a Langstroth hive. Has anybody any experience of transfering a colony consisting of sealed brood, open brood, eggs and stores from a Langstroth hive into a National hive? I'm improvising at the moment and hoping that they will "move up". All help...
  4. Daithebees

    New Boy

    Hi Folks, Just joined the Forum. Just restocked my Hives (2). Lost everything due to wasp attack last autumn. Been keeping bees for about 40 years on and off. (lived abroad twice,so no bees). looking forward to a productive year.