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    So what did you do in the spare room at 3am?

    Oh well it's done for another year. Ignored Gills advice to do THE sale at a more reasonable hour set alarm for 2am and got in position. Small coffee and large single malt to hand. Switch PC on and smother that annoying jingle thing with a pillow. don't want to attract unwanted attention from...
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    Thxxnes frames sale query

    Hello all Having finally got round to checking the above iconic "New year Sales" items (received 4 weeks + after ordering but that is potentially a different thread) I find that the 14 x 12 frames are a very poor fit. The bottom bars really flop about in the slots of the side bars. When I...
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    Apiary Layout Design

    Right - one for the panel to throw in some ideas please. I have a new apiary site - some 16m x 10 m bordered on all four sides by high vegetation. I have 10 new queens coming next week and intend to site the nucs on this site. They will migrate to full size hives. I want the flexibity to add...
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    High barn oils - excellent service.

    Bad day at office. Broke journey home on train to sample wetherspoons latest offerings. Three pints znd three posts to this forum in, i'm now not that bothered correcting the spelling mistakes. Read on.... Whilst sampling the devine "haymaker" beer, I thought i'd share the conversation i had...
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    Bako defect stock.

    To add to the previous threads/posts re sources of sugar/fondant. I visited my local bako in London. I "registered" - which amounted to giving my name and address and gave my order - 12 kg of fondant. " none in stock ..." says the lady. On hearing my teeth grinding, she offered to check the...
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    Hello John..... Got a new Nail-gun?

    Amongst the gaps in my tool arsenal is one of these - Santa take note. Much pondered over especially whilst watching a day of NYW and Norm effortlessly putt-putting -assembling items that would take me 10 times longer with no appreciable benefits for my labours? So:- Have you got one? Make ...
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    So what time do you call this??

    Since being a member of this forum, i have been amazed at the time of day that people access the forum. Exluding the non uk time differences, there are a lot of night workers or insomniacs out there - or daft beekeepers . You can go on at any time and see others logged in and posting, So whats...
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    Weather alert north west!

    Hello Just listened to BBC weather and sounds like NI and west coast scotland are going to cop it tomorrow with 70 mph winds. Met office have issued "amber alert". Warnings of tree damage. Might be an idea to strap them down? Regards FB
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    Warning - roof cover - sharp edges!!!

    A warning to all you diy hive assemblers. Today, I needed a National Roof PDQ and dibbed into my goody store. I have some roofs I bought as part of a Thxxxes complete hive sale a couple years ago. Upon offering the roof up to fit to the wood frame i ran it through my hands and bingo! very deep...
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    Statistical data

    Half time champions league. Just peered over the wall at the opposition out of curiosity. Not a lot occuring? Who's on line? 5 members and 25 guests. ? On here, 54 members (!!) and 27 guests. Maybe the're chelsea supporters and too upset at being one nil down - or perhaps there is another...
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    Merry christmas everybody!!!!

    Hello all Very Merry Christmas to one and all. My advice for what it is worth is to not enter into the champagne breakfasts before accepting the challenge for a bout of Wii Donkey Kong. If anyone knows how to get diddy kong off Donkeys back (ohh err missus ) I would love to know? Looking...