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  1. KDW

    Want to apply Oxalic but bees are out flying

    Hi There I went out today to apply oxalic acid (today being the only date we could do it due to a hectic holiday schedule) and our bees are out flying, even bringing in pollen. I'd really appreciate some advice on whether we should still apply it, and if so, do it now during the day while...
  2. KDW

    What is this dead thing I found in my hive?

    Hi All. On first (brief, because of cloudy weather) inspection of my new hive, I found this large dead insect at the bottom of the hive.. does anyone know what it is? Excuse the terrible photos, camera battery died, so it is just taken with the phone camera. :eek:
  3. KDW

    Any advice on moving WBC hives?

    We are about to move a WBC hive and bees and would appreciate any advice on the best way to go about it. Are we best to move the whole thing or take the lifts off and move the inner box fixed to a temporary board base? We have a bit of manoeuvring to do to get it through a poky basement flat...