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  1. KDW

    taking in pollen .....

    about 8 degrees here and no sign of activity despite sun.. beginning to feel a little worried as no sign of activity on fondant patty either.. they seemed fine a week ago. Can't wait for it to warm up - a high of 12 forecast for Tuesday, so I guess as long as it doesn't rain we'll know for sure...
  2. KDW

    Is this a pollen flow or should I be worried?

    Our bees have been bringing in dark red pollen for the last month or so.. I haven't been able to work out what it is unless it's dandelion??
  3. KDW

    One off or the shape of things to come?

    Fantastic photos. There is another thread with someone asking about albino bees...
  4. KDW

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    We did our first full inspection of two new colonies rehoused from nucs last week (one a swarm, one an AS). Both doing well, one has drawn almost all brood comb so is, I think, ready for a super. Very nice to have bees back in my garden.
  5. KDW

    14x12 poly brood box

    We've just bought a 14 x 12 polyhive from B**keeping S*******. It doesn't come as one unit, you have to glue the brood box and super walls together, but otherwise seems okay so far.. very early days though!
  6. KDW

    Want to apply Oxalic but bees are out flying

    Hi There I went out today to apply oxalic acid (today being the only date we could do it due to a hectic holiday schedule) and our bees are out flying, even bringing in pollen. I'd really appreciate some advice on whether we should still apply it, and if so, do it now during the day while...
  7. KDW

    What is this dead thing I found in my hive?

    Hi All. On first (brief, because of cloudy weather) inspection of my new hive, I found this large dead insect at the bottom of the hive.. does anyone know what it is? Excuse the terrible photos, camera battery died, so it is just taken with the phone camera. :eek:
  8. KDW

    Any advice on moving WBC hives?

    To everybody that offered advice - I thought you might like to know that 8hrs after we set off, we are now back at home (yes, at 3am) with the bees in the WBC in the garden. As predicted, there was a fair amount of hilarity as well as panic and pain! Thanks to everyone for their advice...
  9. KDW

    Any advice on moving WBC hives?

    In terms of locating the hives - more questions! I am lucky enough to have a large garden, but it is long and thin (only about 10ft wide) - so difficult to site the hive anywhere where I won't be crossing the flightpath as I have a path more or less down the middle of the garden, and regularly...
  10. KDW

    Any advice on moving WBC hives?

    A big thanks to everyone for all your advice. Luckily there are two of us - and we have a van, so plenty of space to load into, panels to strap the hive boxes into / onto - and a solid divider between rear of van and cabin so less fear of escaping bees causing problems while driving! We also...
  11. KDW

    Any advice on moving WBC hives?

    Thank you, I had thought about that - but forgive me if this is a stupid question - do you mean actually lift the frames out of the WBC into a national box?
  12. KDW

    Any advice on moving WBC hives?

    We are about to move a WBC hive and bees and would appreciate any advice on the best way to go about it. Are we best to move the whole thing or take the lifts off and move the inner box fixed to a temporary board base? We have a bit of manoeuvring to do to get it through a poky basement flat...