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  1. sigrami

    Swarm swarming

    Langstroth hive.Inside 4 old frames that the swarm came on and 4 other frames covered with comb.2 still empty.A week ago found a couple of queen cells which disposed off,been away for a week to a welcoming from bees everwhere.
  2. sigrami

    Swarm swarming

    Did a beekeeping course in April. Beginning of May was given a swarm from an unknown source.Everything seemed fine but in the last 4 days the original swarm has swarmed 3 times. Any ideas????
  3. sigrami

    Which sugar??

    Thank`s to all for the feedback bee-smillie
  4. sigrami

    Which sugar??

    Which type of sugar is the best to use, cane or sugarbeet?????????:seeya:
  5. sigrami

    Help please,I need beekeeping support.

    Will you be selling,I only live up the road---Peterborough. Might be intrested.
  6. sigrami

    Msleading e-bay item

    I see he has two on and both have bids?
  7. sigrami

    Hi mate Hows life?bee-smillie Sigrami???????

    Hi mate Hows life?bee-smillie Sigrami???????