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  1. moby

    12 x 14 not big enough

    Is anybody on 12 x 14 brood box finding that it is not big enough for brood expansion and is having add a super to compensate?
  2. moby

    12x14 prototype basic observation hive

  3. moby

    Frame of eggs & mixed brood

    I wish to donate a mixed frame of eggs and brood to a queenless colony... I need to transport this from one site to another which is aproximately 2 miles, How long can a frame of eggs & brood be out of a hive before their viability is comprimised (considering that the frame will be transported...
  4. moby

    Supers Empty

    Is there any way I can encourage one of my hives to start using the super to store nectar/honey instead of the brood box.... The QE is the same one which I had used for the same hive last year... The weather hasn't been great which has caused them to remain in the brood box but now that it is...
  5. moby

    No Pay

    Hi Is anybody clued up on employment law? The company I work for owes me 2 months pay I know non payment is a breach of contract and most others are in the same boat... but me thinks that the company is struggling for money and is taking advantage advantage on our insecurities, current...
  6. moby

    Winter Bean VS OSR

    I have just spoken to friend of mine and he has given me the choice to put my bees on winter beans or spring osr this year.... Do bees forage on Winter / field bean? Does anybody know the pros and cons of beans v osr
  7. moby

    2nd Place at honey show

    I entered my first honey show and got a 2nd for my photographic efforts compared to the other entries and comments it should have done better..... normally I am not a competitive person but after several hours of tinkering following the bees arround and cursing I managed to get a bee and borage...
  8. moby

    Baby left as mom flees from bees

    I came across this.... nothing to be said about the baby being stung... http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/Baby-left-behind-as-mom-flees-bees-20111115
  9. moby

    Not taking 50/50 syrup honey

    I have been feeding my hives since late August and one in particular is not taking the feed down, I had a look this weekend and all looks good, healthy brood in all stages but very little stored honey despite the honey sugar mixture even neat honey they dont seem to be interested even when...
  10. moby

    Overwintering North vs South

    Considering spring is spread over the UK over a +-6 week period starting in the south of England and finishing off in the extremities of Scotland and assuming autumn would have a similar cycle. Do beekeepers in the South start their overwinter preperations earlier than people in the North ?
  11. moby


    My work collegue has just told me he saw a beekeeper brushing a large swarm of bees off a shop front wall into a box in Pontefract town centre today??? Its a shame I have my kit and a skep in the car.
  12. moby

    Took eye off the ball or just swarmy bees

    One hive has been a complete nightmare this season (as well as being the most productive/proilific) H1 - Shook swarm/ bailey change in April - Found queen and marked and clipped H1 - Found another queen marked and clipped no sign of the earlier one I had marked - assume supecedure / apis...
  13. moby

    preparing Nuc's for winter

    Hi does anyone have any tips on how to prepare nucs and small colonies for winter your input will be greatly appreciated
  14. moby

    Campervan conversion

    I have a Japanese import (Toyota Emina/Estima) Does anybody have any experience / Plans of furniture to convert one of these beasts or something similar to a campervan
  15. moby

    Aggressive 2nd Gen Buckfast

    I found this in an earlier discussion has anybody had colony aggression problems with second/third generation buckfast queens? http://www.beekeepingforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=12888 And should new beekeepers be aware of this potential problem seeing that most choose this strain for their...
  16. moby


    Has anybody heard about or had any problems with bees from FP?
  17. moby

    Advice/Thoughts welcome

    I have a colony which I am waiting for the queen to start laying it has been 5/6 weeks since I did an AS, all the cells are empty and look polished, there is capped honey in the super and very occasionally/seldom i see workers carrying in pollen, I am going to put a test frame in to see if the...
  18. moby

    Permission to set up apiary

    Has anyone written a letter asking to set up an apiary in some dead space in their local park / Council land? I have found some space and have a contact name but need some ideas to make a persuasive pitch any advice would be greatly appreciated
  19. moby

    Mating to laying

    I have a nuc which I made up from a split a few weeks ago the queen has emerged and the bees are in a good temprament and are bringing in nactar however no eggs seen as yet, how long does it take on average for a virgin queen from mating until she starts laying? and how long should I leave it...
  20. moby

    Swarm in my garden and I am at work part 2

    Well as it turns out I got home and the swarm had moved up into the skep that my wife had put over them.... to be certain I did a quick inspection on my hives to see if it was one of mine that had swarmed my fears were confirmed 2 sealed queen cells and no sign of the queen and no eggs which...