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    Debris on monitor board

    Thanks both! Couldn't think of anything else it might be. Honestly not my bees so not sure what the mesh size is. He says there were no 'mummies' in the hive when he did the first inspection of the season, so I guess he must have hygienic bees. I was thinking of doing the BBKA Basic but...
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    Debris on monitor board

    Can anyone identify the grey-white bodies in the picture? I'm asking for a friend.... My guess was chalk brood but maybe they were too big to go through the open mesh floor? Thanks!
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    colony in a chimney

    A personal experience: My neighbour called a few weeks ago to ask for help with a swarm that had just arrived and was taking up residence in their chimney. I went over with my emptied and cleaned workshop dust extractor, fitted with a 2,5m long, 100m dia hose, which I'd used previously to...
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    Swarm relocation

    Thanks Martin! I'm sure about the time they arrived to within ten minutes - 9:30am (earliest swarm ever to arrive here by a long way, but it was very warm) and I moved them at just after 10pm, so they were in the bait box for just over twelve hours. I think I'll leave them at the out-apiary...
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    Swarm relocation

    Thanks in advance for any explanations or advice you may be able to give me! Background: For the last couple of years I have set up a bait hive about 100m from my apiary (sited there because it's the only flat(ish) roof I have at about 15ft above the ground.) I've had two swarms move in...
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    4 days to go

    If you have time to watch I thought this was a good dispassionate alternative to the lies from politicians and 'comics' as JBM calls them (although no mention of bees): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USTypBKEd8Y&feature=share
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    Talk on integrated wasp management by Karol Pazik

    Not at all! More about learning to live with wasps and not making them more troublesome by doing the wrong thing.
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    Talk on integrated wasp management by Karol Pazik

    Just back from a fascinating talk, by Karol Pazik to the East Carmarthen Beekeepers Association, on integrated wasp management. As you would expect from his posts on the forum, Karol gave an authoritative and informative talk, relevant to beekeepers, with excellent illustrative video material...
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    LASI hygienic queens....open for business

    I sent a list of the questions raised to Professor Ratnieks - he may respond to some of them on the LASI website. Just to put things in context, the main subjects of his talks next Saturday will be research into disease control and understanding and improving bee foraging.
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    LASI hygienic queens....open for business

    Come and put your questions direct to the Professor! Some info. Francis Ratnieks sent me in advance of his talk in Llangadog Community Centre next Saturday, 14th May, 10am - 1pm: Honey bees have many pests and diseases. When I started in beekeeping, as a PhD student at Cornell University in...
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    Hygienic Queens - A Public Talk by Professor Francis Ratnieks

    Professor Ratnieks, UK's only Professor of Apiculture, is making a rare trip to Wales to give a public talk in the Llangadog Community Centre in Carmarthenshire (between Llandovery and Llandeilo) on Saturday, 14th May, starting at 10am and finishing at 1pm. As well as talking about Sussex...
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    Talks by Professor Francis Ratnieks - May 14th.

    Professor Ratnieks, of the University of Sussex and the UK's only Professor of Apiculture, will make a rare visit to Wales to give two public talks at the Community Centre in Llangadog, Carmarthenshire (between Llandovery and Llandeilo) on Saturday, 14th May, starting at 10am and finishing at...
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    Vaporising - how many times to treat?

    You're now on the list JBM. Further details to follow.
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    Vaporising - how many times to treat?

    Some advanced notice for those in Wales: Professor Francis Ratnieks (co-author of the paper quoted by CVB) will be giving two lectures in Llangadog on Sat., May 14th, hosted by East Carmarthenshire Beekeepers: (1) Research on Disease Control and (2) Understanding and Improving Bee Foraging...
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    Books for Christmas

    Hope this isn't hijacking your thread. Anybody able to give a review of Pam Gregory's book Healthy Bees Are Happy Bees? I understand it's available again now but at a fairly hefty £27.50. Might be more than my kids are prepared to spend on me for Christmas....
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    Bees on BBC2 two nights ago

    :iagree: Think I must have Africanised bees too. And he was happy to film without a veil, suit or gloves in front of 'ordinary' hives in the first part, before saying he had always been frightened of bees as he got suited up at the beginning of the 'killer' bee section. As you say, dramatic...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Spent most of the afternoon with the bees. The nasty hives seemed to have calmed down since I stole their honey, so it was really pleasant and the sun was shining. At home I checked the varroa drop after starting treatment yesterday, using Hivemaker’s recipe and oasis. The drop after day one...
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    Chimney bees in need of advice.

    :iagree: Brilliant, abm!
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    Sugar at great price.

    Thanks for the heads-up, kighill and Moggett. Bought some this afternoon at the Farmfoods near us and because I spent more than £50 they gave me 10% off, without me even asking. That brought down the cost to about 53p per kg - much better than the 75p per kg I paid last year for 25Kg bags.
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    Healing honey from Wales

    Sure I've seen 'Arwyn's Patent Honey Elixir' on sale in our local pharmacy...;)