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  1. Beeforest

    Plant identification

    Calling keen horticulturalists This plant is flowering my local park. It is covered in honey bees at the moment. I am thinking of planting it myself, any ideas what it is? Thanks
  2. Beeforest

    Api- life var

    Used it for the first time this year on my Nationals. Today saw the bees hauling it out of the hive and onto the ground. Hasn't happened before, always seen it in situ when replacing it each week. Anyone else had this problem?
  3. Beeforest

    Absent queen from prime swarm

    I hived a prime swarm containing a marked queen exactly a month ago. As she was marked I saw her enter the warre hive having run them in. This hive just hasn't built as quickly as I thought it would - little entrance activity and hardly any pollen going in. Today I decided to inspect, they...
  4. Beeforest

    Two queens heading a cast

    Ran a small cast into a hive last night. I was surprised to see two virgin queens making their way to the entrance, one at the front and one at the back. Is this a common occurrence to have two queens in a small cast such as this? When would their battle likely to commence now or after the...
  5. Beeforest

    Making oxalic acid

    Does anyone know if it's possible to make oxalic acid from rhubarb leaves that would be suitable to treat a colony of bees in the winter? The problems I guess would be achieving the correct dose. http://www.ehow.co.uk/how_6057023_extract-oxalic-acid-rhubarb.html
  6. Beeforest

    Manuka honey virgin on longer!

    I tried some Manuka Honey for the first time the other day. It was from a reputable supplier 15+ I think. Well it should be, it cost £12 for a 500g. :eek: To me it tasted like honey with a heavy propolis content. Now, I know that manuka honey is MEANT to be highly anti-bacterial but would a...
  7. Beeforest

    Dominator, Steward, Partner, Participant?

    Having ready David Heaf's Bee-Friendly Beekeeper recently one of the more interesting ideas he explains is four possible moral stances to nature and that of beekeeping. He does not say that one is more defensibly ethical than any other and that we as beekeepers have a free choice to place...
  8. Beeforest

    Queen of the Sun

    Queen of the Sun Is it any good? Hoping to see it next month. Q and A after the showing as well. http://www.queenofthesun.com/
  9. Beeforest

    What are my chances of success?

    I have just set up two bait hives. They each are over 3m from the ground. Each hive contains some wax started strips from the top bars and a few drops of lemon grass oil. I have a bee keeper about 800m away who has 20 + hives. I chatted to him today and enquired about his method of swarm control...
  10. Beeforest

    WARNING Golden River Manufacturing Hives

    Hi Not sure if this is the correct place to post this. I have two hives on my land and have been shadowing the bee keeper and learning lots in the hope of having my own hive this year. I ordered and paid for a hive from Golden River Manufacturing early this year. In March they told me they would...