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  1. Flyboy

    Nuc's for sale - Bath, Wiltshire/Somerset (overwintered)

    I have a couple of 2018 nuc's on National frames for sale. All overwintered and treated for varoa with thymol and oxalic acid over winter. I can supply them in a travel box or alternatively a Poly nuc for an additional £30 (painted or left untreated). The nuc's are on 5 frames and have brood...
  2. Flyboy

    Identification of these robbers

    Hi, I need some help identifying these unwelcome visitors that pester my colonies. I don't know what they prey on but they latch on to a colony and cause a huge loss of bees and ultimately killed a hive last year. They have a much smaller body which is black and a different shape abdomen. I can...
  3. Flyboy

    Nuc's and full colonies for sale - Bath, Wiltshire/Somerset (overwintered)

    I have a couple of 2016 nuc's and two full colonies on National frames for sale. All overwintered and treated for varoa with thymol and oxalic acid. I can supply a travel box for the nuc's but for the colonies you will need to bring your own broodbox. Nucs are 5 frames and have brood over...
  4. Flyboy

    Surplus brood frames with stores

    I ended up now with a bunch of brood frames with stores in and wanted to hear opinions on what some of you would do? The majority is sealed with a few set ivy frames too. Would it be good to place it under smaller colonies with queen extractor for them to move up or clean out? I cannot just have...
  5. Flyboy

    Beekeeping site available Wiltshire

    Hi, I had a call from a lady looking for someone in the area to keep bees on her land with lots of wild flowers in. Its in the Trowbridge area BA14. Contact Mrs. Tesler 07973 402 855
  6. Flyboy

    Experience making own frames

    Does anyone have experience making their own brood frames from scratch and letting the bees build their own foundation? Due to me going double brood and the sudden expansion of the colonies I cannot justify the costs just to keep non-producing colonies & nucs from building wild comb from the...
  7. Flyboy

    Double brood advice

    I am asking for advice surrounding an addition of an extra broodbox for laying space. My colonies are currently on OSR and supered and I am vigilant for them to swarm so just want to keep them happy and obviously maximise honey crop. Will it work to put a new undrawn broodbox underneath for...
  8. Flyboy

    NUC's for sale - Wiltshire/Somerset

    I have a few, 5 frame national Nuc's with overwintered queens from mid 2014. They are building up very quickly and needs rehousing soon. There are still ample sealed stores and have been treated with thymol and oxalic acid I'll be more than happy for an inspection and a travel box will be...
  9. Flyboy

    Swarming flight path

    Yesterday as I came back from town I parked and immidiately noticed a swarm over the house. So there I dash, over fields, through valleys uphill through woodlands for a mile and half where they came to a stop and seemingly congregated. Let me tell you, they motor and its easy to loose them! Went...
  10. Flyboy

    Removing frames of stores

    I was wondering if it might be useful to remove surplus frames of sealed stores from the affluent hives to use later when making increases or to keep for when the nectar flow dries up. Some of my hives have 4-5 sealed frames which I pressume will slow down their currently rapid build-up; and I...
  11. Flyboy

    Wax moth damage

    What can I do with (lesser) wax moth damaged brood frames? I had these little monsters visit me this winter after freezing the surplus brood frames and storing them in bags. Somehow they managed to sneak in- probably an unscortched corner of a broodbox. I did not find extended acetic acid...
  12. Flyboy


    I would like to know who else saw improvement in the degree to which they get hayfever after eating their own (local) honey. I used to get it quite bad but since last year its virtually gone apart from the tingling throat now and again. This made me to believe there is truth in them saying to...
  13. Flyboy

    New honeybee research

    BBC reported on a UK study that isolated the specific virus responsible for the decline in honey bee. Search 'Honeybee decline linked to deadly virus' Hopefully the first step in a cure :hurray: