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  1. chalkie

    Jar Prices

    Compak sell 72 1lb jars with screw lids on ebay for £31.39 free postage, just cheaper than c wynne jones.
  2. chalkie

    Can anyone id this one?

    And the others are bind weed and blackberry :nature-smiley-014:
  3. chalkie

    Honey tasting

    I use the same from fleabay.
  4. chalkie

    Bees nest in wigan

    What type of bee are they and where abouts in your garden, hanging from a tree in a hedge, in a bird box, in the ground.....!!
  5. chalkie

    First post

  6. chalkie

    First post

    Welcome to the Forum, I'm not to far from you and not far enought away from Meetballuk
  7. chalkie

    Showing honey (colours)

    Stupid money for that set, i'm sure if somebody had a set they could probably get multiple copies done in a glass shop and be able to knock them out on ebay at a tenner a set all day long. Never did put any in the show.
  8. chalkie

    How to kill a colony in a small poly hive

    :yeahthat: :iagree:
  9. chalkie

    Queen availabilty

  10. chalkie

    I quit now.......

    Was even sent on a tablet.;)
  11. chalkie

    HOW TO: Make soft set honey from OSR

    After bottling the honey do you cool it again to 14c. thanks
  12. chalkie


    Just out of curiosity, why not extracted. :confused:
  13. chalkie

    Honey Jars & Lids Problems

    Because you don't know where they've been stored, a rat could of pissed on them.
  14. chalkie

    Honey Jars & Lids Problems

    I have used same lids and jars (probably from the same supplier) heated/dishwasher and no problems, how else do you sterilize them.
  15. chalkie

    BAIT HIVES - what's your success rate?

    Set one up last year on top of my shed with old frames of wax and a squashed queen rubbed around the entrance, caught 2 swarms one within 24 hours of placing it there, nothing this year but as yet don't need any.
  16. chalkie

    Artificial Swarm Today

    Hi, i would have transfered the queen over on a frame of brood and also left the supers on so that the returning field bees have somewhere to place there store's and no need to feed.
  17. chalkie

    Oxalic Acid vaporizer

    Same as the one in the link only used once and i also have a new small 12v battery and charger £100 collected.
  18. chalkie

    Double brood swarm options

    2 of my 4 hives are currently on double brood, although no queen cells at the moment what are my options when this happens, also read the Demaree method of swarm prevention why are the supers placed inbetween the brood boxes and not just left on top if you don't want queen cells. thanks.
  19. chalkie

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Same here, needed to get into mine yesterday or today but to cold and windy, hope tomorrows better or i'm sure i'll loose a swarm this weekend. :calmdown: