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  1. The Poot

    5G and Above

    https://smombiegate.org/save-the-bees-5g-and-the-digital-killing-fields-insect-inspector-video/ There is growing “evidence” that EMR (electro magnetic radiation) as it develops and intensifies 4G to 5G to 6G is having a destructive effect on insects. It can affect their antennae and can heat...
  2. The Poot


    Bee Equipment Multi Function Crown Board - in the 2020 catalogue at £14.09 is now on the website at £21.92
  3. The Poot

    Interpreting Winter Debris

    I have added photos of three of my inspection trays following a week in the hives. This was to check varroa fall - the results are really good. But I thought to ask you old sages out there, to interpret what the debris tells us as a help aid for beginners, who might be in their first Winter...
  4. The Poot

    Varroa Alert

    Afternoon all, Disturbed today after checking varroa trays after 48hrs from vaping.Very differing results. H1. 1 H2. 0 H3. 72. 4th Nov was 10 after 24 hrs. 29th Nov was 3 after 24 hrs H4. 31. 5. 18 Also...
  5. The Poot

    Sloppy fondant

    The recent unseasonal weather is causing fondant to turn sloppy on a couple of my colonies. I appreciate this can be a problem when the bees are tightly clustered in Winter “proper” if it flobs down onto them, but is it anything to worry about this time of year? I’m assuming not...... There was...
  6. The Poot

    Any use for old tumble dryer?

    Hi all, Before I take SWMBO‘s old tumble dryer to be recycled, is there a beekeeping use for them. Seems a shame to waste a stainless steel drum and such. Its a Meile too😀
  7. The Poot


    Good evening, I'm new to the forum and am in my first Winter keeping bees. Living in Somerset, with one colony of Buckfasts bought from within Somerset. I've been on a real learning curve ever since - trying to divide fact from fiction and navigate the numerous opinions on any given subject...