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  1. chalkie

    Double brood swarm options

    2 of my 4 hives are currently on double brood, although no queen cells at the moment what are my options when this happens, also read the Demaree method of swarm prevention why are the supers placed inbetween the brood boxes and not just left on top if you don't want queen cells. thanks.
  2. chalkie

    Honey for sale

    Got an excess off honey for sale. 16 Kilo plastic bucket. Pm for more info.
  3. chalkie

    Showing honey (colours)

    Thinking of putting some honey into the show this year but unsure of the colour grading system. Are there any picture on this site of the differant shades. mine looks light but could be classed as medium.:rolleyes:
  4. chalkie

    Look at what you could have won

    Was told about a swarm this morning around 10am, i get there in 10 mins as it's only up the road and in a nice easy spot about 3 feet high in a bush, i didn't have any equipment on me so of i trot of to get my stuff and was back within 20 mins. Took the short video placed the nuc box underneath...
  5. chalkie

    Dead colony, what to do with frames

    I've lost my first colony through death and was wondering what should i do with the frames, i've scorched the hive ready to re-use. Don't know the cause of the deaths as the bees had at least 6 frames of stores left, think that they just froze to death as there wern't that many bees covering...
  6. chalkie

    Old wbc hive

    Looking for an old wbc hive, don't need the inner boxes as it will be used as a garden feature. Floor a couple of lifts and roof will do, doesn't have to be perfect., let me know what you have. Please dont tell me to try ebay :eek: Thanks
  7. chalkie

    2 colonies for sale.

    Hive 1 not perfect but functional. floor brood box crown board. roof colony from an as with last years queen. Hive 2 again not perfect but sound no rot. floor brood box qx super crown board roof with metal cover colony with this years queen. Both hives on hoffman frames. pm me if interested...
  8. chalkie

    Going rate now for a colony in a national

    Going to have to downsize, so whats the going rate for a colony in a national hive, consisting of ,floor, brood box, metal slotted queen excluder, crown board and roof.
  9. chalkie

    Honey set in bucket

    Got a few 15 kilo buckets of honey left over from last year (10-10-2010) that has set, there was no osr visible in the fields near the hives and was wondering if this is the natural process as the batch i had the previous year which was jarred has only just started to crystalize. The honey was...
  10. chalkie

    Black friday

    My bees swarmed on friday onto the next plot and settled about a foot high in a connifer, got them into a nuc and placed back on my plot, whilst still suited up decided to go through the hives again to check where they had come from although i had only checked them 3 days before and all seemed...
  11. chalkie

    Queen laying in super

    Did the first check on my hives today and found that the queen's are laying in the super's as well as the brood box in 2 of my hives, couldn't find the queens so thrown on qx and left the supers on top, what should i do next, my plan is to check them again in 3-4 days to see if the queens are in...
  12. chalkie

    oxalic acid (FREE)

    Got about 200ml of this left over free to anyone for the price of postage or pickup from me wigan/manchester area.
  13. chalkie

    NUC bursting at the seams

    I have a 5 frame nuc thats overflowing and there now storing honey above crownboard and sticking roof down, is it to late to transfere them into a brood box, if not what would you suggest. thanks
  14. chalkie

    Going rate for bulk honey

    What's the going rate for bulk honey (non specific) in 15 kilo buckets.
  15. chalkie

    National hive plus bees for sale

    Been asked to sell a National hive plus bees, the colony is on double brood and consist of floor, double brood boxes, 2 supers, queen excluder, crown board and deep roof. price £350 wigan area.
  16. chalkie

    How much

    A friend of mine is packing up due to illness and asked me to sell all his equipment and bees and we are wondering how much to ask. Don't know what he has in total untill weekend when i will go up and take pictures of his stuff, i do know that there is a hive on double brood and a 9 frame...
  17. chalkie

    National nuc box wanted

    Need a national 5 or 6 frame nuc box urgently, not time to make one as going away in a couple of days, pick up would be best, i'm in the wigan/manchester area. thanks
  18. chalkie

    Rubber seals for honey tap

    Anyone know where i can get the rubber seals for a nylon honey tap, mine are split and need replacing urgently. thanks
  19. chalkie

    New 14x12 making queen cells

    I've just completed a change over to 14x12, there are 4-5 frames filled with brood and the rest being filled with honey, there are also 2 supers on, one being filled the other only placed on yesterday, problem is they are making up queen cells off which i have knocked down, i have a spare 14x12...
  20. chalkie

    Double brood to 14x12

    Not opened up the hive yet but when i fed over winter there where bees in the centre of both boxes, my plan is to get them into 14x12 with new frames, what is the best way and when should i do this, still bloody cold here. thanks