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    Where to buy a queen PDQ

    Hello, my top performing hive is queenless, they tried to superceed (unclear why as it was a new queen who seemed to be doing a V. good job) but it seems to have failed and now I am panicking. I fear time is running out. I have tried a few sources of uk bred queens but all are out of stock, does...
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    Feed fondant now?

    Hi, my bees are getting low on stores. I can't believe how much they have got through! I have some fondant left over, can I feed that now or would I be better with a 1:1 syrup? And how do I judge how much to feed/ when to stop? Thanks, Clare
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    Deformed wing virus

    Two hives all going fantastically well both working on their second super, but I found several bees in hive 1 with tiny chewed wings ... miserable looking . I used apivarlife (autumn) and OA (winter). I read a recent thread which suggested a shook swarm followed by OA syrup. There are just a few...
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    AS 2 colonies to give 3 ?

    Hello, I have two colonies, one I was given as a nuc last April and one last July. Both came through winter very well and are thriving. Both had play cups, no eggs at the last inspection, last Saturday. The question is can I in some way convince both not to swarm (I know playcups do not equal...
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    Oxalic Acid...too late?

    Snow, flu and heavy rain have all thwarted my planned forays into my two hives to treat with Oxalic acid. When should I consider it too late? If I am too late is there anything else that I should/could do later in the spring. Thanks, Clare.
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    Advice on bait hive needed

    Hi, I hope to set up a bait hive next year. I have read the thread recording successes and failures but still have a couple of questions. 1. Most of the successful bait hives seem to be well 'lived in', would a new poly hive be unlikely to be successful? 2. Is it best to position it near...
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    Straw bale bee house good plan?

    Hello, this is a long term project but I am thinking about building a bee house and considering using a strawbale building. It wouldn't be large but something fairly rustic so a few questions: Has anyone come across one before? Any reasons why it might be a bad idea? Thinking of making it...
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    Preparing bees for winter in East Devon.

    I have two WBC hives with metal mesh varoa floors and metal trays. I have heard some people who over winter their bees with open floors, is this a good idea? Wood it be better to replace the metal tray with marine ply? My area tends to be pretty damp so I guess ventilation is important. I was...
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    persuading bees back into the brood box

    Hello, I am a new beek and would love some advice on how best to tackle this problem of persuading my bees back into their brood box, my main worry is damaging or losing my wonderfully (up to now) hard working queen. I have a WBC hive. I opened the hive yesterday to find the gap between the...
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    Strange colouring

    I went through both my hives today they seem to be thriving but I noticed a number of , dbees with a white stripe on their thorax in both, more in one than the other. They weren't there last week. Is this a problem? I am a new beek and this is my first post so forgive me if this is rather...