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    Little bird?

    Not a Yellowhammer. I'm with jenkinsbrynmair, not a yellow hammer. Bill too heavy, too much yellow, shorter in the body, "lizard" patterning on back, no eye stripes; only the head and chest of a cock yellowhammer are bright yellow.... could be a canary variety or a rare winter migrant that will...
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    Bees and Horses

    I am involved in setting up an apiary site that has a 10 metre boundary with a large (10-15 acres) horse field. The bees and horses are separated by a substantial stock fence and a 6 foot high wind break screen and six metres of open ground. The owner of the horses is getting a little agitated...
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    Beginners seeking bees for 2012.

    Thanks for your advice Hivemaker Mike
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    Beginners seeking bees for 2012.

    Thanks Poly, Although the Perth and Kinross Association is listed, it doesnt actually exist now. Spoke to John Shovlin, the listed contact recently, who, although very helpful and positive, confirmed the inactive nature of the Perth Association. I'll make an enquiry with the SBA. Cheers, Mike
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    Beginners seeking bees for 2012.

    Hi Folks, A small group of people in my area are keen to set up a beekeeping group, most having been interested for some years but a little too nervous to start on their own. We have no beekeeping association near to us. We are starting to prepare equipment; some we have been given (Smith...