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    Back to the bees after immunology programme

    Had the test and it was positive, but not in the extreme so they didn't think it worth starting the program, but they gave (if that the right word with todays prescription charges) me 2 epipens and antihistamines tablets with the instructions to. Always carry them with me, not just when...
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    Back to the bees after immunology programme

    I was told to take swallow an antihistamine before going to the bees, though not the same type as those to be taken if the worst happens, but if it does to chew them as then they will work faster, it is the antihistamine that save you not the epipen, which only gives you a short term relief from...
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    Borage for game strips

    Try these people at Driffield hmseeds.co.uk/
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    manley frames (5lbs)

    "But still looking for something better. " Try an electric Heat Gun but be careful BK
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    Don't Ask Me How I Know...

    May I add another Make sure the zip on the front of the bee suit is closed beyond were the veil fastens across it !!! Beekeeping
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    Frame Sterilisation

    Do any of you freeze the supers before storing them for winter ? Is freezing any use in sterilising frames? I imagine it will kill any wax moth lavae not sure about the eggs though or nosemo
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    Warming cabinet - making your own

    Hi I Built one using one of these http://www.forttex.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_5_17&products_id=47 and a cheap fan heater It has worked well. it can lift the temperature very quickly when a bucket of cold honey is put in but doesn't overheat.
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    collect your own seed for crops? not for much longer!

    Thanks Moggs You are probalby right on both counts But I could come and read posts for ever and a day and say nothing. My point is just We as Beekeepers have a cupboard of products that are used to keep our bees healthy, Apistan, Apiguard etc. most are approved by the authorties Farmers are...
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    collect your own seed for crops? not for much longer!

    I assume none of you lot have treated your bees with Apiguard then?