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    Assembling frames

    I have an odd query here. I bought a poly Langstroth in kit form. When assembling the frames. The side rails are handed with chamfer. Depending on how these are fitted makes the frames handed. To a point as long as they all are the same it dosent matter how I hand them. But I were to buy...
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    A sensible number of hives for beginners next year

    we are currently in out first season of bee keeping we have currenly 1 managed colony in a hive and some wild ones 1 in garage roof been there aproxamatly 10 yrs and seems very strong swarms several times a year and is very busy, and i think another 2 as i was getting headbumped by some...
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    To add a super for more room or leave them allone

    a quick query regarding our small colony a late cast from a colony in the garage roof seems to be doing well, they are busy and have pritty much filled there brood box, should we put a super on top to give them some more room or at this point in the year just leave them allone
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    just starting out in a somewhat backwards fasion.

    hi from herefordshire , just starting out keeping bees after thinking about it for quite some time as weve had a wild colony living in the garage roof, thats been there in the region of 10yrs. we had been reading up on tge subject when the bees themselves decided to up that pace just a bit and...