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    Hi Finished treating my hives using the three week apilife var program for those of us south of the boarder, three weeks ago. One of my hives is still dropping a shed load of mites. Should I treat again, or wait and use oxalyic in December? This is a strong colony feeding like crazy. Thanks
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    What did you do in your beehaus today?

    New thread Please leave this thread For active Bh owners only who are prepared to come out ..no opinions please ..just facts ...thanks Today we had 17 degrees c. So we opened up as most of the bees were on the cherry a few streets away We only had cappings on the Tray from the front 2 seams so...
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    New Nuc & expansion

    Hi Bit new to this..but won't use the pun... Put a new Nuc into my beehaus on 7th of May..wonderfully timed...when it all started to get a bit cold and windy. So far they have only expanded onto the inside of the first 12*14 brood frame and started to fill out the outside with comb. Per...