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    Swarm in cavity

    I have just been called out to a swarm that has entered the cavity to a house via a gap around the boiler overflow pipe. I am scratching my head trying to work out if they can be extracted without damaging either the interior/exterior wall etc. Any advice greatly appreciated as the only...
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    Multiple eggs in cells

    The queen was a late hatch last season. Eggs are at the bottom of cells, which suggests they were laid by queen. From the replies, I think she has just gone into overdrive with laying a as she didn't really get going before winter. Plan is to add super and see what happens. Adjacent rape fields...
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    Multiple eggs in cells

    I have seen the queen and there are lots of cells with single eggs in them. I also noticed quite a few cells with multiple eggs, which suggests egg laying workers. Read the books I have and confused as to best action. One local keeper suggests catching queen and then carrying brood box some...
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    Can location make them aggressive.

    As described, the same colonies 100yds away thrived on my garden but once on allotment, they became aggressive as did my Neighbours, so certainly not overcrowding. Three colonies on a 300sqm plot.
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    Can location make them aggressive.

    I was wondering if a site can make colonies aggressive. Last season I had to move three colonies from my allotment as one by one they became very aggressive, following for considerable distance and eager to sting. I know it wasn't a food issue as they had been on the garden, which is only 100...
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    Winged monster found in hive

    It appears more bee like than wasp. It was found at the top of frames just under feed hole, which had been covered in fondant.
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    Winged monster found in hive

    Tried to uplaod pictures but keep getting error message that some token is missing. I have looked at the Wood Wasp pictures and definately not, this thing is much heavier built. When I say pronounced stinger, I mean that a stinger can clearly be seen protruding from the abdomen as in a wasp...
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    Winged monster found in hive

    Have inspected today and found a Large, winged black monster, dead inside the hive. I would say hornet but it is totally black and has a very large pronounced stinger. Any ideas anyone. I have taken a few pictures alondside a dead bee for scale, but I do not know how to load them onto a thread...
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    Queen cells found

    Opened up one of my hives today and immediately found four large sealed queen cells. The queen was marked approx three weeks ago as she was a mid season AS. Went through hive twice but she was nowhere to be found. Is it too late to leave alone and let one of the cells hatch. My concern is that...
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    New suits

    There is a lot of reference to BB suits. Sorry if this is a silly question but is that the brand name or the suppliers?
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    I have a large colony and someone has suggested I overwinter on brood and a half. I am relatively new and was wondering what the implications of this are, will queen move up and begin to lay in super early in season and if so what to do with super. As it is a large prolific colony, do I just...
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    Extracted Supers

    Thanks for the quick response. Do I have to treat for varroa before I put them back on or won't it make a difference.
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    Extracted Supers

    I have left one super on as it was only partially drawn out. Do I leave the crown board on top of this and then put empty supers on top with one of the clearer holes exposed to allow them access. Sorry if this is a simple question but as this is first year I want to get it right. Deerless
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    Extracted Supers

    Advice please, just extracted 75lb of the amber nectar from my garden hive and was wondering what to do with the frames which are a little wet with residual honey. Someone has suggested I place them next to the hive and let the girls clean them up before storage but I am worried this may attract...
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    Killing bees

    I have a similar issue and think I need to re queen a feisty colony. I Have looked at the sums, squishing new queen, removing the resultant new cells that will be formed and then introducing a frame of eggs from known calm colony. Am I right that it is too late in year as when new queen emerges...
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    Wasp Shock

    Aldi have some wasp nest destroyer in at moment that is very good. It has a jet that is accurate to 3mtrs. Simply spray it into entrance or as I did with nest outside front door, make hole in side with long pole and then spray before retreating. The spray turns into an expanding foam that...
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    new this year and no honey?

    Collected my first swarm almost a year to the day. Fed them up and got them through worst winter for decades. Biggest grin on my face when I saw them through crown board in spring. This is when the learning curve went vertical. AS colony into 3 mid May as they had gone crazy. One split colony...
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    HELP! my bees are posessed by the anti-christ.

    The original colony was collected as a swarm to get me started. The bees were large and brown, a friend said they were carnies. The 1st split colony that stayed at home look exactly the same but the problem one at allotment are smaller and much darker. much like the hell swarm I had briefly.
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    HELP! my bees are posessed by the anti-christ.

    Is location ever an issue. I ask I artificially swarmed a gentle colony earlier in year. It was split into three, two remained on my garden (original queen and one with queen cell) the other was moved to my allotment 300 yds away. Shortly after, I collected a swarm and housed it on allotment...